10 Free Agents The Chicago Bulls Should Target This NBA Off-Season!

10 Free Agents The Chicago Bulls Should Target This NBA Off-Season!


  1. Is this video meant to be funny cause everyone on here is ever a has been, bust or just average. If we want to rebuild we need to land an all star caliber player ideally someone like KD or KL. Then we will most likely get white out of draft who is seriously under rated and we will have an extremely decent team

  2. The bad part is the damn contracts don't last long that's one thing o hate about the NBA Chicago had a good team in 2009-2010 buy like I said the damn contracts go by fast if only one of this guy's have contracts of 20 years that's would be cool Chicago definitely needs 2 or 5 more championships asp

  3. The only ones that might make sense are d rose and Rubio, we need a better pg, Dunn sucks ass, either one of these two guys would make the team better. I’m hopping we land ja morant or garland and bring d rose to mentore which ever player we get. Bulls will not be contenders as long as garpax are in Chicago.

  4. Imagine if we can actually get 4-5 of these guys. Then we keep our young guys in Markkanen, Carter, LaVine, Porter, Harrison, Selden, Lemon, JaKar Sampson and also keep Lopez along with a draft pick of either Zion or Ja. That's a 50 win team

  5. As much as I love to see drose return to bulls but If playoff contenders or championship contender wants to sign drose, I would love to see him sign there not in bulls.

  6. I would honestly love D'angelo Russell in Chicago (minus him smuggling weed ina can of Arizona Tea), backup like Beverley who is tough and can be a energy bunny, and a backup PF who is similar to Lauri, Frank Kaminsky

  7. I’d love to see Patrick Beverly on the roster as well as Okafor , who knows maybe rose can make a return home as well

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