1. Bulls/Knicks would duel each in 4 straight seasons in N.B.A. Playoffs (1990-1991 thru 1993-1994) with Bulls winning each, first 3 series before Knicks beat Bulls in 1993-1994 season's 2nd round playoffs enroute to eventual N.B.A. World Championship Series appearance

  2. During 1990s Bulls/Knicks would play in combined 8 N.B.A. World Championship playoff series:Bulls playing in 6, those winning all 6/Knicks playing in 2, losing both, them

  3. Michael Jordan loved competition so much he seeked out the baseline as an extra defender it seemed. It makes zero basketball sense he'd score as often as he did on that baseline.

  4. I was 3 years old when this 2 teams were playing I didn't know nothing about the NBA until 1995 when i was older I used to watch the NBA with my dad I stopped watching at the end of 1999 all 1999 and 2000 I didn't watch the NBA until now just got see was up but it's not fun at least I watched from 1995 up to the end of 1999 😎

  5. Sportsvision…Soon to be Sportschannel Chicago, then Fox Sports Chicago and now Comcast SportsNet Chicago. On Tv WFLD Channel 32. Then White Sox & Bulls returned to WGN Television 9 in Chicago 1990.

  6. Amazing how much the NBA changed between '85 and '91. The fashion, the level of athleticism, the marketing/media – I suspect most of that advancement was due to the presence of Jordan.

  7. LOL. Two of those Knick players would later play for the Bulls- Cartwright and Sparrow! Kenny Walker is from Chicago. Oakley and Cartwright would be traded for each other in June, 1988.

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