1990-91 Chicago Bulls: Learning To Fly Part 2/6

In 1990-91 some of the less obvious aspects of Phil Jackson’s coaching philosophy began to draw attention-and began to produce unprecedented results.



  1. Michael you're not doing it today, you ain't gone do it today, today, today…Rodman glaring menacingly at Jordan. Those were the days !

  2. 1988 lost in the playoff was jordan nightmare,it will always hunt him…thats why in 91,the bulls have to there self to the bad boys piston

  3. After watching the 30 for 30 on the "Bad Boys" Bulls fans should thank those Pistons teams that eliminated them. It made MJ, Scottie & the others much more focused, physically & mentally tougher than their opponent and thats the result of their 6 rings in the 1990s.

  4. MJ is a one in a zillion kinda guy. His spirit & love of the game is what makes him so Special. Hundreds of NBA athletes owe their cars & mansions to him. MJ elevated the popularity of basketball & the NBA to huge heights all over the world. For many years he was an underpaid player. But Thanks to MJ's celebtity, which is Priceless, so many players come out of college & sometimes high school making tens of millions. MJ has many millions but he's really worth billions, maybe trillions.

  5. how you feel now did you really think durant was robbed with the mvp! in the matchup lebron is 2-1 vs durant this year! lebron MVP, finals MVP and durant All star game MVP
    Plus lebron deserved to win the mvp because he defended better in the regular season and score almost the same point make more assist and grab more rebound! lebron made more assist and grab more rebound than okc leaders in that regard and that without the steal that he also was top 3 in all nba!

  6. God I miss this. The Bulls will rise again. Next year, when Derrick Rose is healthy and they have a normal playing schedule, look out Lebron.

    Put your support for the Pacers spoiling Lebron's and Spolestra's plans for a ring this year. You got nothing on the bench, and Kevin Durant was robbed of the MVP.

    Lebron's going to recognise when OKC got the ring.

  7. I was so happy when Chicago destroyed Detroit and after that series the Pistons never contended the Bulls for the title. Bill Laimbeer can kiss my ass

  8. @GMoneyStillTippin420 Real shit bro. The story of the Bulls was amazing and their was a clear differential between watching the Spurs and the Bulls. And i appreciate i'm not the only individual that believes Old School hoops is far better than today's game lol.

  9. @ThePresident45 You are a freaking genius bro. I was saying the same shit. All they do now is summarize it as opposed to giving an insight on the teams goals and just the way it's presented, the Old School was the greatest.

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