1991-92 Chicago Bulls: Untouchabulls Part 1/4

In 1991-92 the Bulls came roaring back. They dominated throughout the year and threatened the league record for victories in a season before ending up at …



  1. It should not of taken 7 games to beat the KNICKS. The BULLS played shitty in game 1 This shouldve been a 5 -6 game series. They whipped the floor with them in game 7. The BULLS burned out towards the end that will happen to teams

  2. That series with the Knicks was as stressful & exhausting even for we the fans of Chicago. One hell of a series!!!

  3. the 92 bulls were real real overall great n the A playoffs and B season but they lost 3 home playoff games including game 2 of round 3 at home to the cavs 107 to 81 where mike only got 20 points and had 6 turnovers the cavs played them overall better than anyone at all atleast n their title years the 96 bulls were overall better than the 92 bulls cuz they won 10 out of 10 home playoff years

  4. It was,they won 67 games in a tougher Era……..and two of their superstars were in their primes and very efficient……..unlike their '96 versions.

  5. I m 18 now,can t wait to be 50 to show this videos to my kids,.i download almost all of your videos, LakersDynasty thank you so much…..live long.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Is this Bulls team better the 1995-96 Bulls?? I think so, competion was way better. I mean games in this era games went to the 100's easy and each team had at least 4 dudes average double digits in points but during the late 1990's you would be lucky if you found a team with three guys in double digits. Also the late 90's had some pretty good talent but not the TEAMS the early 90's had Also personally Jordan this year was a monster, atheltically and shooting percentage wise Pippen was better too

  8. I really wish the Detroit Pistons hadn't went back to back or this feat by the bulls would've been more special. I'm happy the Lakers did in 1988 cause Pat Riley guranteed it and that team was awesome!! :))

  9. They were unquestionably the ULTIMATE dynasty in not just basketball, but all of 1990s sports. Yeah, we also had the Yankees, but in my mind, you can't beat Michael Jordan's Bulls. Though I'm a Celtics fan, I will say that it's hard to hate the Bulls. They were the talk of the basketball world.

  10. I remember when this came out on video and bugging my mom to rent these every time we went to video store… those were days!

  11. This was great basketball I never missed a game in the 90's watching the bulls leaving in Chicago watching them was a must for me.

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