1991 Chicago Bulls 20 year celebration and reunion

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were together again for another championship celebration, this time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Chicago …



  1. Great video! I get emotional every time they announce michael Jordan and crowd goes wild! "From North Carolina!!!! Number 23!!!! Michael Jordan!!!!!"-Epic!!:)

  2. I couldn't tell but derrick had to have a tear comin down I mean he was 3 years old wen chitown won it's first title and I was just born

  3. I don't hate Jim Durham, but that's a bold statement that they NOT ONLY SHOW UP TO THE FINALS, BUT WIN IT. At some point the, Bulls will LOSE a Finals in the future. There is no shame in losing a Finals. The Yankees in baseball have been to the World Series 40 times and have won the title 27 times. There is no shame in losing. They are on pace that even if they lose a few, they still have a good win-loss ratio in the Finals for awhile. They will lose at some point. I'm just saying.

  4. that 1991 Bulls team, might of been the best Bulls team ever. Even better than the 72-10, team. They were that good.

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