1995-96 Chicago Bulls: Unstop-A-Bulls Part 1/4

After hearing for an entire offseason that he wasn’t quite the same player as he had been when he abruptly retired in 1993, Michael Jordan was driven to lead …



  1. hTis team is so OVERRATED. The 86 Celtics, 87 Lakers, 83 Sixers and 89 Pistons would all crush the 96 Bulls. Other than MJ no one on the 96 Bulls would even have a starting position on the 86 Celtics. Bird is far superior to Pippen, Mchale is better than Rodman. Parish and Walton would eviscerate Longley and DJ unequivocally is better than Ron Harper. 7 of members of the 86 Celtics were All Stars Bird, Mchale, Parish, DJ and Walton were top 50 players. The only non all star in the 8 man rotation was Jerry Sichting a player similar to Paxson and Kerr and he shot 57% from the field. Bird was the Best passer on the team, Walton was 2nd best and DJ a HOF Point guard was the 3rd best passer on the team you will never see that again. 87 Lakers Michael Cooper came off the bench and won Defensive Player of the year. A staggering statistic from the 83 Sixers was 72-30. Moses Malone had 72 rebounds in 4 games to Jabbar's 30 do you think Moses would have had more or less rebounds against Luc Longley. The Nba just hyped the 96 Bulls because it was the 50th anniversary. Let's also not forget that the 3 point line was moved in a foot can you imagine what Bird would have done with that JV 3 point line. MJ is one of the greatest. Finally all the aforementioned teams are far more balanced. Only 3 times has a team had the entire starting 5 average 20 points in the same game. Bird's Celtics, Magic's Lakers and Russell's Celtics.

  2. Я уже об этом писал давно, что Чикаго в этом сезоне могли и 73 победы одержать, матч против Индианы судьи слили

  3. people swear dennis rodman was nice with the bulls averaging 20 & 10 this man was lucky enough to get 10 pts in a game

  4. People on here are surprised to see Oprah at a Bulls game back in the day? Seriously??? 

    People have already forgotten that Oprah was essentially one of the main figures that ran Chicago media. The Oprah Winfrey Show was based and taped in Chicago, you know.

  5. I can't believe that people think the NBA is better today than it was during the 80s and 90s. I could probably name groups of players that are considered to be great from almost every team from this era. Can't really say that about today's NBA. 

  6. I like to call 95-96 season the start of the old school vs new school era during the regular season, because it was just exactly that. Young stars like A Iverson, Latrell Sprewell, Chris Webber, Grant Hill, Damon Stodumire, Alonzo Mourning, Eddie Jones, Allan Houston, Jerry Stackhouse, Penny Hardaway, Shaq O'neal, Rasheed Wallace, Gary Payton, Kenny Anderson, Jason Kidd, Jamal Mashburn, and Kevin Garnett verses old veterans like Barkley, Jordan, Hakeem, Clyde Drexler, Mitch Richmond, Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Sean Elliot, Dominique Wilkins, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Dikimbe Mutumbo, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Jayson Williams, and Derek Harper. The older NBA players used to get into hella fights with the young NBA stars all the time during the 95-96 NBA regular season all the time and that was a another reason why this NBA season was so great. The NBA needs to release that whole 95-96 NBA season on dvd seriously.

  7. This was the pinnacle of basketball. At it's peak and not only do I feel that way but the ambiance surrounding this team is unmatched. The fans were in, hell the world was in. It was great to be a fan here. I loved every second and I was only 8 years old. lol

  8. 90s weren't watered down.., jordan, pip, shaq, hill, hardaway, young kobe, iverson, garnett, Kidd, drexler, barkley, drob, ewing, hakeem. You kidding me?

  9. I watched all but maybe 4 games during this season. What a time to be a basketball fan. Every game was such a treat to watch.

    Still have piles of sports pages from that time.

    Basketball today just doesn't compare to that era, IMO.

  10. I watched the some of the '95 finals and the officiating was at least as stringent as it is today probably worse. plus a lot of the game from the mid 90's were pretty boring 2013 finals was exciting so was the 2010 finals

  11. First up retard let me clear this up. I am a Bulls fan all the way until MJ's final retirement. Second when i said those things about Rodman we were discussing offense.. points.. dominating the game offensively. We were comparing Lebron and the GOAT Micheal J. We were not talking about defense and rebounds coz for sure Rodman will dominate. Lastly, let me make this clear.. No matter how many times Rodman rebounds the ball had MJ failed to finish his shots they would have not been champs!

  12. Woh woh… down boi… down… and what are you trying to point out? Did i ever say Bosh was a better rebounder? All i said was… was there ever a game where Rodman dominated a game and won a game for the bulls? the answer is no. Bosh for sure has dominated a game and won it for his team. My point being Lebron has more offensive help in the heat with Bosh and Wade compared to MJ with Pippen and Rodman.

  13. as opposed to Wade, Lebron and Bosch…who said "Fuck it, we'll never win on our own…it'll be easier if we sing up together"….. and then they got their asses handed to them by Dallas and they whined and flopped all over the place. Lebron saying he felt victimized and wade saying he isn't appreciated…. fuck them! Whiny Millionaires

  14. Where there a game where Bosch got over 30 rebounds? Nope! Never! But Dennis did it 5 times in his career…. How many times was Bosch the top rebounder in the league? ZERO! Rodman? also 5 times in his career…. Rodman had a knack for shutting up crybaby superstars like Mourning and Ewing and Shaq… and he would easily shut down Lebron, the biggest crybaby of all time!

  15. Pippen is not only better than Wade, Scottie won 55 games WITHOUT Jordan…. He had twice the amount of points scored, three times the amount of steals and almost 100 rebounds more than Wade at the same time in his career…. When did Bosch get 30 rebounds in a game? NEVER! Rodman? 5 times…. You're just a kid who was too young or not born during the golden era and I feel sorry for you because you missed it…. instead of champions nowadays we have whiny millionaire baby floppers like Lebron

  16. This team was incredible. There will never be another team like them. I think kids today don't know just how incredible this team was. And the funny thing is, the other teams around the league were almost all good! The KNicks with Riley/Ewing, The Suns, The Sonics, The Rockets, the Lakers the Sonics… they all had incredible and legendary teams back then that could kick the crap out of teams today…. but the Un_Beat_a-Bulls of 95-96 that went 72-10 were something that happens once in lifetime

  17. Trucknayr23 are you retarded? Winning games is not just scoring points. Rodman ruined teams with his defense

  18. LOL! man you made me laugh. LOL! Was there a game where Rodman dominated and won a game for the Bulls like Wade had done for the heat? or Bosh? LOL! hahaha nope.

  19. which is why he hooked up with rodman, one of the most productive players of the era to win a championship with him….

  20. I remember seeing Denis Rodman hit them three pointers in a game that was crazy . But you already know.he gave Alonzo hell in da paint but you know da bulls

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