1996-97 Chicago Bulls Championship Season Part 1/5

Coming off of a record-breaking 1995-96 season, what could the Chicago Bulls do for an encore? How about 69 wins and a second consecutive NBA title, the …



  1. I think Chicagobulls team was the best nba team in 90's era. I enjoy watching nba those days. But after Kobe rarely i watch nba games today…

  2. This team is so OVERRATED. The 86 Celtics, 87 Lakers, 83 Sixers and 89 Pistons would all crush the 96 Bulls. Other than MJ no one on the 96 Bulls would even have a starting position on the 86 Celtics. Bird is far superior to Pippen, Mchale is better than Rodman. Parish and Walton would eviscerate Longley and DJ unequivocally is better than Ron Harper. 7 of members of the 86 Celtics were All Stars Bird, Mchale, Parish, DJ and Walton were top 50 players. The only non all star in the 8 man rotation was Jerry Sichting a player similar to Paxson and Kerr and he shot 57% from the field. Bird was the Best passer on the team, Walton was 2nd best and DJ a HOF Point guard was the 3rd best passer on the team you will never see that again. 87 Lakers Michael Cooper came off the bench and won Defensive Player of the year. A staggering statistic from the 83 Sixers was 72-30. Moses Malone had 72 rebounds in 4 games to Jabbar's 30 do you think Moses would have had more or less rebounds against Luc Longley. The Nba just hyped the 96 Bulls because it was the 50th anniversary. Let's also not forget that the 3 point line was moved in a foot can you imagine what Bird would have done with that JV 3 point line. MJ is one of the greatest. Finally all the aforementioned teams are far more balanced. Only 3 times has a team had the entire starting 5 average 20 points in the same game. Bird's Celtics, Magic's Lakers and Russell's Celtics.

  3. I think what makes that layup at 0:07 so fire is that it's like watching 2 parallel universes occur at once: Perkins and Green fake as if to go up with Jordan to try to block him, but both of them decide against it simultaneously. Jordan still completes the move he would've done had they gone up to block him. Crazy

  4. They went 203-43 regular season 96-98 and 45-13 in the playoffs same time! No team will ever win 200 game in a 3 year span again. That's aproxx 68-14 a season average. Only 5 teams in NBA history have even won 68 games in a season! To average it over 3 years is under heard of

  5. The reason for the rule changes is that they've speeded up the game, and opened up the flood gates for shooters. People do not want to go to games to see players shooting foul after foul shots, or technical foul shots, big guys pounding each other until the ball goes in the basket or the other player/players get thrown out of game, or listening to players argue back and forth(unless it leads to a fight, then no), they want to see fastbreak back & forth basketball, with long 3-point shots raining down, slam dunks, with no defense just offense running and gunning~it goes along good with family night!!!

  6. Robert Parrish, Caffey, Buschler, Wennington…Bulls teams werent deep. They had a lot of shit on their roster. Idiots think they can beat Celts, Pistons, and Lakers just cause they hit 70+ wins in a watered down 90s decade that had no other all time great teams and about 7 expansion teams added between 1988 and 1996. But ya know…..they got Mike and its their first memories of basketball so they inflate the team.

  7. Ya warriors won 73 but against teams that don't even have near the talent that when the Bulls won 72 don't get me wrong it's not the warriors fault but it's facts is easy to win 73 of course not but at the end of the day the NBA is so soft now theses days I grew up in the 80s and 90s when basketball was great to watch it's not that there's better scores just that teams don't play defense like they did in that era

  8. 1997-1998 Chicago bulls vs Utah jazz so bulls won two more titles and its going to to be rough if the bulls can't win no more titles but black hawks Chicago repeat they will try

  9. The thing that always cross my mind is if MJ never retired, the Bulls would of won 8 straight titles. MJ is that GREAT. They lost to the Magics only because MJ was not in b-ball shape. When he was focus, the Bulls were unbeatable.

  10. LOL….I was 9/10 that year….remember the MJ XI with the gold palcated that came out in 97??? Those were my first Jordans ever……I remember when MJ said "Scottie played like doo-doo and I played like shit" in the playoffs!!!!

  11. I grew up in the 90's and am a GEn X'r so yea more athleticism today. The league is overall more athletic today. Not near as tough as in the 90's though

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