1. I’m so confused on why you think draft picks are so valuable whenever you’re trying to 3 peat not build for the future??? Age isn’t a huge deal when you’re doing a 3 year challenge. T Mac is cool but a 77, this is a sim anyway not real life. Not trying to be a downer but I’d love your content if you made smarter trades considering your challenge. Picks shouldn’t matter in a 3 peat challenge, players drafted need time to progress and get better. Something to think about moving on to further videos, I AM a fan. Just frustrated because your a dope youtuber with good content, just make some bonehead trades lol

  2. Do a challenge that you have to win a championship with all good players that are bad in 2k for example (Johnathan Issac, OG Annanoby, Bojan Bogdonavic Malik Beasley (he gets traded all the time) Caris LeVert and Myles Turner

  3. Video idea: Split up a big three into 3 separate teams and win three straight titles with those teams. For example with the old miami heat big three: Lebron stays on the heat d-wade goes to the raptors and bosh goes to the mavs (teams dont matter just examples.) So in year one you have to win with the heat, in year 2 you have to win with the raptors, and in year 3 you have to win with the mavs

  4. You shoulda gave them Scottie and like 4 first for Duncan. That’s the easiest way to three peating if you ask me. Cheap rookie deal big guy who’s all time great. Michael Jordan a all time great. T Mac I’d want 2 great firsts for that. He doesn’t compliment mike well at all. If you ask me. 🤷🏻

  5. Day 31 of asking  to do a Phil Jackson rebuild.
    * Win at least 11 championships in 18 years
    * Make the playoffs for 16 years
    * Win (2 ) 3 peats in the first 9 years
    * Then switch teams to the opposite conference that didn't make the playoffs
    * Win 5 championships with the other team and win at least 1 3 peat

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