1997 Chicago Bulls FULL Ring Ceremony HQ *Rare

NBA In what is becoming an annual ritual, the Chicago Bulls received their NBA championship rings and trounced the Philadelphia 76ers, 94-74, in their home …



  1. its not that Scottie didnt want to be there. he was going through back pains' from a fall he had that year. and there was also issues with contract' in 98' so scottie was a little pissed at that to.. but it didnt matter we got back on track and got number 6'

  2. I always give God the glory for giving such rare opportunity for the few warriors who fought to their hearts out to build a basketball legacy to last a generation.theirs was truly a celebration of giftedness and character.unequalled by new players of today.as they cherish the memories of such feat,may they acknowledge Christ as their Lord who gave all these trmendous careers and success.

  3. It is truly Awesome.  I watched this video hundreds of times on VHS.  I am Overjoyed that it has now found a home on youtube.  Thank You.

  4. You can see Scottie honestly didn't know if he would be back the next year. Fuck Jerry Krause/Reinsdorf.

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