2019 NBA Mock Draft (NBA Draft Latest Rumors) Bulls Zach Lavine Trade?

2019 NBA Mock Draft (NBA Draft Latest Rumors) Bulls Zach Lavine Trade?


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  2. For the Miami Heat we already have Bam starting at center. He was great when taking Whiteside spot last year. Should be going SG or PF

  3. God I'd be so pist if the Heat draft another damn center. We don't need another center, we have Bam and have other needs, but there's nothing of them being inrested in a center so I'm not worried. We need to draft KPJ, Little, or Langford…

  4. I honestly don’t know why more people aren’t talking about the Bulls just having Lavine run the point instead of trading their future picks.. I’m fine with the Bulls sticking at 7 and picking Culver or Reddish

  5. I think too many people worry about the Celtics. Celtics have Tatum + Brown + Sign Rozier, try to trade up for Hayes. Have Haywood as 6th man. Also they have Grizzles pick in future. Don't sleep on Ainge and Stevens.

  6. I think this is a weak draft other than the top 3 and Darius Garland last year draft had ayton, luka, bagley, trae, jj, mpj, Sexton last year draft was deep miles ahead of this draft

  7. Suns/Bulls should make a trade for Jrue Holiday of the Pelicans. They need a mature PG to regulate there offense. Jrue Can help both of those teams to contend for a playoff spot.

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