3 HUGE TRADES The Chicago Bulls NEED To Make This NBA Season!

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  1. Just keep their top 5 players tank get Zion in the draft. Next season trade for A.D. and send their low 5 players and a future 1st round pick. Kyrie Irving will sign later and the Bulls are the next Dynasty because Zion will be Thanos.

  2. Really cum on man not fultz that is crazy! Our team need a superstar free agent that is it enough young talent veterans only now to carry us…..!

  3. Wait a minute I didn't know Faults was diagnosed with nerve problems that cause him to shoot weird. Why take a chance on that unless you have a cure for the nerve problem

  4. Chicago Bulls are dealing with a lot right now…From the office to the coach and down to the players. I don't see reading for Fultz is a good idea considering how right now he is dealing with an injury and loss of confidence the last thing the Bulls need right now is someone who isn't at all ready for the court no matter what you can trade for him.
    This organization needs to fix all of it's problems before adding any more.

  5. Hell no. Fultz sucks. I mean, he’s got good size and seems to do everything other than shoot pretty well. But that makes him another Michael Carter Williams, and the Bulls already tried that.

  6. I think we should trade for fultz imo he's better than Dunn and he can finish at the rim and his swagger on the court is everything Chicago needs

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