3 Potential Trade Packages For Jabari Parker! (Chicago Bulls Rumors + News!)

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  1. I like the nets trade because we'd get two good bench players in napier and faried. Faried wouldn't get much playing time off the bench i'd assume, but napier would be a good backup for Dunn. Musa is a young guy which we are trying to collect so that could be nice. Also we could use that pick as a possible trade asset.

  2. Guys guys guys, we’re not getting jack squat in return for Jabari. Only way would be if we eat a bad contract with 2+ years left on it, and the Bulls are simply too cheap to make a deal like that to acquire a young asset or two.

  3. Your news sucks you know the only rumors are going around is revolving around Jabari and the knicks for kanter right ?

  4. Bulls told him to say shit to get him hated so they have a reason to sit him. And he did… aka "held up my end of the deal"

  5. For the Chicago bulls to be a winning team we have to get rid of everyone that's on the management team and bring in some new blood and hope and pray did the Chicago bulls get lucky like the Chicago bears did when we trade it for Khalil Mack

  6. Second we don't have many pieces to trade our team was destroyed the moment the Chicago bulls decided to hire Fred hoiberg I think they should Trade Zach lavine and Larry marketing and jabari Parker if they want to get something very good back and for the Phoenix Suns trade if we are not getting Devin Booker why make a deal with them and why make a deal with the other teams they are trash this is the problem with the Chicago bulls for some reason Chicago hate to spend money and for some reason Chicago is not loyal to anybody

  7. I think the bulls should fire John paxson gar forman and everyone else that works in the front office I honestly think Stacey King should be on next head coach I think he would do better than any coach we had other that Phil Jackson I think Stacy King should be our next head coach

  8. why would we trade him to Brooklyn?! WTF?! and all of those trades are bad and the kings are playing better this year so that pick might not be all that!

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