1. this is not even a contest. curry and klay won't get too many points with jordan and pippen on them, and rodman will be getting over 30 rebounds per game. and they literally don't have any answer for jordan or pippen's offenses, let alone the jordan/ pippen tag team. the only chance they can stop their offence is to flop and hope the refs are blind. bulls dominate offensively and defensively, as well as on rebounds. they sweep in 4 games, with over 30 points lead in every game

  2. It would go like this: series tied 3-3, Bulls down 98-99 with 9 seconds to go, Phil Jackson calls his last time out… is there anybody who doubts on what happens next? 😉

  3. How could he say “give me Michael Jordan he hits the game winner bulls in seven” how u say that u don’t know what will happen he. Could miss

  4. Klay can’t play d? He’s saying basically saying Harper and Kerr are better than curry and Klay Klay can also play great d btw and curry is a good deffender in the moment

  5. What era are we playing in??? back in the day when it was real?? or this pancake era with all the rule changes???

  6. Well let me say this is bullshit. They are in different eras with different rules. Let's go by today's rules. Let's add cousins into the mix. Obvious advantage to the warriors for the center. They win that every time. Let's move to forwards. Pip yes was a great defender, but there were no players like Kevin in that era. 7 foot SF that could shoot over pippen every time. Not to mention Kd can defend. Would get blocks on pippen no doubt about it. Kd wins that. Rodman and Draymond is closer. Rodman has 2 inch advantage over green. Boards go to rodman. Offensively Draymond makes plays and has the ability to shoot, while rodman averaged about 5 points, which against the warriors is useless. Advantage of forwards goes to the warriors. For the guards Harper could not hold curry and his shooting ability, his handles, his playmaking skills, inside game,and offball game. Jordan and klay is a tough one. The who biased argument of "Jordan is the GOAT" is invalid, and has no place in a basketball argument. Jordan not an accurate shooter but he can put the ball in the basket. klay top 3 greatest shooter when it's all said and done. Michael needs the ball while klay doesn't. The God of catch and shoot. So advantage to klay. Michael and klay both great defenders, but remember hand checking was a rule taken out that helped defenders stay with their man. Illegal today. So calling michael a great defender against people who had to play defense without those rules implemented to help the defender is simply not fair. Match up wise michael would still get into the paint and score over klay, But when I comes to team play klay would be used way more effectively against the bulls.
    Dont forget games in the 90s would often be something like 83-91
    While games now are like 123-114
    Remember 3>2
    I will reply cuz I wanna hear this

  7. Now who's better? Staying healthy is part the the game too. Two Finals losses for the warriors. no team ever even made it to game 6 against the Bulls . No distance, Bulls in 6.

  8. B.S. Kareem Abdul Jabbar by far the g.o.a.t. e.g. won championships from high school through n.b.a. league m.v.p. record holder; scoring record, 20 years in the league; caused dunking to be outlawed in college during his career; won n.b.a. title with 2 different teams; ect. ; unlike m.j. kareem earned trips to the foul line each time he went. Kareem was and remains " his own man ".

  9. Thing is bulls defense was vicious. Warriors don't have anybody that cam outmatch their heart. Green maybe the only one with that kind of heart but, it ain't bigger than pippens or Rodman's. And klay will have a hard time. Kevin can't fuck with pippen if Kevin has the ball. Too little.

  10. The Bulls never played a game 7 in the finals… and still wouldn't here. WARRIORS in 6. And I'm a Warriors hater by the way. Only one guy knew both teams intimately for an extended period of time and that is Steve Kerr. With extreme sarcasm: "The game gets worse as time goes on. Players are less talented than they used to be. The guys in the '50s would've destroyed everybody. It's weird how human evolution goes in reverse in sports. Players get weaker, smaller, less skilled. I don't know. I can't explain it." Sorry Jordan worshippers, if the game was played with today's rules, you're dreaming if you think the Bulls have a shot…

  11. Jordan and Pippen would put Clay & KD into torture chambers unlike anything they've ever experienced. Harper would at least challenge every one of Steph's shots. Rodman would frustrate Green into getting ejected. Kukoc would play a much bigger role in this series than usual. Even Wennington was at least clutch. Kerr, the most accurate 3 pt shooter in NBA history would make the most of his looks.

    Bulls in 6 regardless of the era.

  12. This video is not accurate. It is nothing but old heads who want nostalgia. Steph would destroy Steve Kurr. Steve Kurr could shoot but not as well as Steph. Klay has good defense but Jordan would still have at least 25. Klay would hits some 3s and get at least 24. Kevin Durant would have the a lot of points. You are talking about the warriors before this season so no Demarcus Cousins. Zaza would not do anything and the bench for the warriors would do ok. Beating the Bulls in a LESS than 7 game series. PERIODT

  13. Been watching the NBA for 23 years. Rockets fan, watched them with Clyde, Dream, Elie, Horry, great lineup! 2014-now Warriors, even without KD might edge the bulls in 6 or 7 with the 90s officiating. Bulls had great defensive guys, especially with Rodman, Pippen, Kerr, Grant, Harper, etc…Now you got Draymond, a big who can pass in the open court, then set a quick screen, harass guys by defending the passing lanes. Then you got Klay who is an athletic defender with long arms, quick feet, and can shoot extremely well. Then Curry, KD, Looney/Bell/Bogut/Cousins at center. Then you cant forget about Livingston, because he doesn't miss much wide open shots. I think even in the old rules, Warriors will be a very physical defensive team like the 90s Knicks or Pacers or Jazz, playing in that era PLUS having two great 3 point shooters, and dominate the ball in open transition. Can the Bulls control the Tempo over 48 minutes, and not have a defensive breakdown in the 3rd or 4th quarter is the biggest question.

  14. Depends on the era. The current era, of the quick trigger blowing refs or refs of decades ago that will allow necessary physicality be done in a grown man's sport

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