1. Those were great players! So glad I witnessed this type of basketball! Today’s game….., doesn’t come close!

  2. :Will be talked about forever:

    1996 Chicago Bulls 72 -10 with a Championship Ring…

    2016 Golden State Warriors 73 -9 with
    NO Championship Ring…


  3. Fun fact………They actually win another 2 games after this and made the season a 72 – 10 season which is where the 72 – 10 jordan 11 got its name….

  4. Rodman is great)) I mean MJ and Scottie are on the level and they were the core duo but Rodman is also great in his way. He's smart, excellent, did tons and tons of the "dirty work".
    And the main thing I'm writing this is that Rodman is hillarious) The jester who at the same time was the dominating beast of basketball.
    Stockton holds the record for assists. Rodman has got a row of records on boards.
    Also he was the best defender in the post. I mean, who's Shaq? Rodman defused that 7'2" 250 monster. He could defuse anyone. MJ? Got him troubles. Pippen? Get that! The man sure did his job and never whined about the money.

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