1. I think Jordan never got to beat him in Philly,Allen would be extra motivated its a PITA thoseS ixers were not able to build a decent team around him with all the money he generated wich is a ridiculous amount of money. He even took them to NBA finals…insane

  2. first time watching this….just realised he kept using the same crossover move on the free throw line on the bulls after his rookie year and mjs teammate randy brown etc still bite it 😀

  3. let`s not be ignorant here. every guard in the nba carries the ball, it is part of the game. so get over it. Stop picking at little things that used to make the game great (before stern put in a "palming rule" that is called whenever the refs feel like callling it). I just hope AI returns to the league because games like tonight between Orlando-Houston and NY-Phoenix makes me wonder what has happened to the nba. it`s depressing. the league is garbage.
    Miss you AI!!

  4. i know its strange im mentioning this, but is it me or were the jerseys/warmup gear so much better quality in da 90s. champion n nike were much better, than this stupid addidas crap. neway great game here, finally beating da bulls n mj

  5. @damississippione Iverson is my favorite player of all time but, Jordan retired early after 3consec chmpnshps & all 3fnls mvps. That same bulls teams was about to miss the playoffs b4 Jordan came. His 1st full season started 3mor consec chmpnshps & 3fnls mvps. No serious debate really.

  6. What I love about Iverson is that he is fearless! Even going up against the greatest of all time.

  7. @nelvern07 I agree with what you say about rings but its like some people are just fortunate to win a ring or multiple rings and others aren't.If Chris Paul doesn't win a ring are you going to say Avery Johnson is a better point gaurd than CP3 because he won a ring and CP3 didnt.Tim Duncan has 3 rings i think but when it's all said and done he may go down as the 3rd best forward of all time behing Karl Malone and Charles Barkeley and neither of them won a ring.

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