1. @vova05 Well I would agree but even the offensive player shouldn't be allowed to just jump up and throw a ball down that may or may not have gone in unconstested. That's basically saying if I shoot this the defense has to hope it comes down before another offensive player gets to the basket.

  2. @vova05 lol if a player could jump like blake griffin or vc only defensive goaltending would be unfiar cause u can pick every ball over or on the rim as offensive team but ur not allowed to do that as defensive team thats why the offenive goaltending rule exists

  3. @vova05 because if the offense can see its gna be missed they can grab the rebound while its above the cylinder or put it in before it has a chance to come out, but if the defense see's its gna be a miss while its above the cylinder, they cant touch it??? thats stupid, so the rule is accurate in my opinion

  4. @templetonbob then all the teams will just import the 7foot 6, 7foot 7 monsters from china to stand in front of the basket and just block whatever ball that came their way. what fun would that be?

  5. @vova05 i thought that too! but after rethinking it over a period of time, its only fair if there's offensive goaltending, because if the defense isn't allowed to touch the ball above the cylinder it wouldn't be right to let the offense to touch the ball, because the defense has no chance of defending the ball anymore, it basically eliminates any chance of defense on a play like that, idk if you understood that haha

  6. That is the most idiotic rule in the NBA! Okay, defensive goaltending I can understand, but offensive? How stupid is that? The team is trying to score into the basket of the opposite team what the hell difference does it make if it is touched by the same team above the cylinder?

  7. It was on its way back down and it was going to hit the rim, so you cant touch it… if it were to of came off at an angle so that it was obviously not going in it would have been a different story.

  8. no the rule is offensive "cylinder" interference, it's called when the ball is still bouncing around on the rim which may still have a chance of going in and an offensive player touches the ball.

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