Allen Iverson: Top 10 Career Dunks

The Answer’s Top 10 Career Dunks in the NBA. Song: Breathe- Fabolous. Basically his top 10 dunks as a Philly Sixer as well. Did you know that Iverson was a …



  1. Pound for pound the best combo ever dude had it all could do everything the best Iverson dunk ever was when Georgetown played UMass and climbed the ladder on Marcus Camby something serious lil dude had serious game we will never see anything like MJ or Kobe and we will never see another A.I.

  2. I was at that game for the No.2 tip dunk! I was like " WTF just happened?" The entire Key Arena was dead silent in amazement for a good 5 seconds!

  3. #2 reminds me of MJs baseline jam on the Knicks, sans the doubleteam spin, you just KNOW the way he turns that corner with such authority he's not about to fingerroll this thing, nope he's about to PUNCH a 👶!

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