1. Man, I am a Bulls fan, but they are terrible. Beating up on the Hawks. Paxon and Foreman, need to be excoriated for the awful job they are doing.

  2. Compared to Bulls the Hawks have a lot of lottery picks playing on that team. That's all well and good but with no veteran leadership it's back to the 2020 lottery for the Hawks again. Oh, Jabari Parker doesn't count as veteran leadership. Veteran chucker yes but not a veteran leader.

  3. I ain’t gon lie, the rotations looked better this game from Boylen. He let Zach run that score up and then left it to Coby & Lauri to keep the foot on the pedal. Not bad. But We need this level of ball to continue….consistency y’all consistency.

  4. Better days are coming hawks, you have a star already in his second year and John Collins getting better every year. De’Andre and Cam I believe will progress more next yr and the sniper Kevin Huerter. This will be a eastern conference finals in the future.

  5. Dude Kevin Huerter needs to be more aggressive, damn. It's his second year and he looks so lost.

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