[BB] Rajon Rondo – One Man Show vs Chicago Bulls

I made this Mix for the BB July Mixmaking Contest.. I wanted to do a Playoffs Mix of him but I didn’t have time to do it, …



  1. This year was not good enough for the boston celtics…next year were good enough to get to the playoffs..and then we played against the bu**s 😉

  2. Of course, even though there was never the initial "fag" you mentioned, I couldn't help but notice all the negative votes my initial 2 comments received (causing them to "disappear" under YouTube settings)- DESPITE the fact that I went as far as to mention I'm actually a Celtic and Rondo fan.

    Sheesh… if someone can't call things as they see them, how is ANYONE gonna get anything constructive done in this country? lol

    I'm probably being a little melodramatic there, but whatever.

    GO CELTS!!!

  3. Yup it's nice to not have the initial "fag" but i think this year will be interesting to see how rondo plays without the big 3.

    I also want to see where cp3 can take the clips now they have a better coach. I think they are a real contender this year.

    Russ proved his worth when he was injured seeing how all of the thunder struggled including KD.

    D rose has alot to prove, but the PG i am rooting for this year is actually Curry i think all they are missing is a low post threat.

  4. lol- it's refreshing to have a legitimate argument on YouTube without it resorting to name-calling and faceless accusations.

    Call me a homer, but I'd still take Rondo over most PGs in the league- the only exceptions being Rose and CP3. I stick by my initial assessment.

  5. i think d rose is a better pg but on straight athletic ability i'd take russ, i think if you are picking a pure point guard it has to be cp3 and then rondo. but if you are going for players in that position theres about 5-6 guys who could fight it out for that top spot.

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