1. I watch MJ in his early days and thought out time the watch these new stars like Zion and I just don't get excited nor mesmerized as I do with MJ and the 90s basketball teams. Everything is generic today and its weak as hell.

  2. MJ from 84-89 25 pounds less than the 90’s was really poetry in motion. He could better dancer than Barisnicov and Nureyev effortless.

  3. I'm totally speechless, I have watched his highlights in yt since I didn't have the chance to watch his game on tv, all of his highlights in this vid are ridiculously amazing. Wooooow

  4. How is it you guys have such poor quality video?
    I've seen these clips on YouTube uploaded by the public of better quality

  5. I just don’t get how this is still an argument.

    JORDAN>KOBE (Rip kobe ):
    and also for that one kid in the comments somewhere

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