Breaking Down The Chicago Bulls Media Day! Can This Team Make The Playoffs?! #DemBulls

Breaking Down The Chicago Bulls Media Day! Can This Team Make The Playoffs?! #DemBulls


  1. Welllllll injuries might be prevented if Boylen would stop running players into the ground! So it’s completely the opposite of what Boylen is doing/said. Wendell is battling 2 new injuries already in 4 days of training! This is ridiculous!

  2. Why do we have the Derrick rose curse I mean if you ask me these guys belong in a bubble they are so soft I believe they do this on purpose why no other players getting hurt 😔 in practice only is as the bulls if you ask me it’s bull sugar honey ice tea ,either they know the bulls are to good and fake injuries to keep us out of the media on top talks or these guys don’t want to play and sit out to make easy money 💰 its an conspiracy theory but it’s happened to much every year players hurt before the offseason starts like how are you that brittle and soft you maid the nba now you can’t stay healthy I mean come on I smell something fishy like if you agree let me here your thoughts 💭 🤔 subscribe to this beautiful stunning YouTuber let’s help her grow 1000 mark on thee way and better also hit the like button it helps the channel grow let’s grow this community much love

  3. I think that Lauri and Zach will both have really good change to play this seasons all star game, but would like it to be Lauri if only one of them get to the team, because Im finnish and HUGE Lauri🇫🇮 fan! At the same time I think that Zach is now way too much underrated what I really cant understand and believe that both of them will get to play in this year all star game🙂! Lauri should also participate in the 3 point contest and Zach in the dunk contest👍! Go Bulls🐃

  4. So Jim Boylen decides he wants to out the Bulls through an intense training camp complete with two a days, etc….. So expect injuries is all I’m saying. This could be the beginning of the end for Jim Boylen as head coach.

  5. Nice video girl! I'm excited still about the season regardless of the injuries! Our backups I believe can hold down the fort until our starters get right, these aren't a bunch of D-league players who can't hold a lead when the starters come the bench for a breather for crying out loud! Lol SMH I believe we are going to be ok and I believe Kris Dunn is going to be our staring point guard! Go Bulls!

  6. Media day was positive. Gar/Pax said the same things, but Jim saying playoffs was welcomed after 2 dismal seasons. Hopefully, Zach, and Lauri becomes all stars and leave the dunking contest to someone else. Wendell will be fine, but I feel so bad for Daniel Gafford. He was just living the dream then it all comes crashing down after his 1st day in training camp. I expect him to miss at least a month with his hyperextended elbow.

  7. Thank you Diana once again for giving the breakdown on our Bulls but I wouldn't worry too much about a sprained ankle he will get 2 more before the season is out that's apart of basketball that won't stop his practice. I'm so happy that Denzel is healthy Bulls need that 3 point shooting from him and his play making skills but it will be hard to tell the difference from him and Otto on the floor. I like how the front office talked highly about Dunn and I want him to do well for the team and I believe he have that dog in him that the Bulls need but I know people want Satoransky to start but I prefer him to come off the bench for scoring with Denzel and Coby. The Bulls will have two big glue guys one starting with Otto and one coming off the bench Thaddeus these guys will do the clean up work and play defense for this young team. I can't wait to see this new constructed Bulls team and see if they have developed any chemistry and how much better their defense has gotten because they have been pushing better defense lets see if they really mean it go Bulls!!!

  8. Wendell's sprain, he already said was minor! The Galford injury might just slow down his aggressive style of play introduction to the NBA for a just couple of weeks!

  9. Boylen and Paxon are the absolute worst. You can't listen to anything they say it's all fluff. Worst front office in NBA history. Valentine is going to be an average player, will probably max out around 12pts a game on average. Making the playoffs in the east means nothing. they wont threaten so what's the point. This is

  10. I was thinking the exact same thing about the injuries when I heard about Wendell and Daniel we already down Chandler and now that guy Kornet this is crazy man hopefully it's not that serious though with none of those guys

  11. Yes I absolutely believe we can make the playoffs,if we can stay injury-free that's the number one main key for this season.Injuries killed us last year,but hopefully this year will be different with the real nice collection of talent we have but together,but they have to figure out how to mesh with one another.We have to hit are shots in this,3 point-shooting league.We have to be able to keep up with all the other 3 point-shooting teams in the league.I see no reason why we can't average at least,110+points per game this season.We are far from the 13-69 Bulls the season after Jordan left.The playoffs shouldn't be a problem,with I seeing us capable of winning 45-50 games,but we have to stay healthy or its back to the Lottery we go…

  12. And we will be back shortly! It'll be good to see your videos again, Diana. One of my Bulls channels that i tune into to watch. I read hours ago that Gafford and Wendell got injured, so let's hope they can come back for the start of the regular season.

  13. Hi DianaMarie, I too am very much looking forward to this season, but this coach is going to have everybody hurt, I'm trying to be positive but already! By two a days I guess he meant two injuries a day. I'm sorry.

  14. I like what the Bulls did in the off-season and in the Draft too. I like the chemistry of the team and if they can stay healthy I think they can make the playoffs.

  15. I believe this Bulls team can make the playoffs if they all stay healthy and injury free and build good chemistry and play hard every game then they should make the playoffs go Bulls with the added veteram players and draft picks Coby White and Daniel Gafford the Bulls should really improve.

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