1. Magic forgot to mention that this Bulls team had 8 Top 20 First Round picks on their roster. The entire Team was basically a squad of All-Stars.

  2. What magic Johnson said in the beginning should be a staple in all NBA team locker rooms. Everything he said was on point.

  3. Poetry in motion!! There definitely was some traveling on a few plays but, the refs didn’t call it!! Chicago Bulls basketball from 1996-1998 will never be duplicated!! GSW are really good, but position to position they could not beat those Chicago Bulls!! MJ, SP & DR would be too much for them!! Just my opinion…

  4. 🐐 thats all i gotta say the 1996 Chicago bulls goat team because of the goat if not they wouldn't even be a playoff team

  5. Their speed live was breathtaking. Defensive vipers. Finishers. Dropped the hammer every night.

  6. Best nba team 1996 ever. End of discussion. Fuck warriors and the soft league today. You think the warriors would win in the finals against the bulls 1996 team in best of seven? Against jordan? Who never ever let the a series in a final to game 7? Mvp in all six finals he played.

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