BULLS at WIZARDS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 31, 2020 The Chicago Bulls held off the Washington Wizards for a 133-130 win. Otto Porter Jr. led …



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  2. Coach brooks had bertans in the final minutes of the 3rd and the first 5 of the forth and the guy couldnt hit a shot to save his life plus he already cant play D either why tf he had him in ill never know brooks has to go asap they will not win with this coach.

  3. They're (Wizards) just using their men wrong. They need outside shooters out there at the same time as their floor spacers. They also get too caught up on trying to draw fouls and focus way too much on the ball than the off-ball players.

  4. Imagine hating on Russ when he literally was balling. Getting rebounds. Passing dots. He has been playing well. Its the defense thats the issue. Also, great game by Thomas Bryant. Was an entertaining game all together though

  5. Can’t believe people actually thought this team was Gonna be good swapping wall and Westbrook wizards have pretty much a g league roster besides Beal n Westbrook

  6. I think the wizards will form better near the middle of the season. Seems like they’re focusing on the offense around Westbrook and have been lax on Defense. Once their offense gets comfortable then their defense will come back

  7. Can my bulls get sum credit? U don’t just win two in a row against the same team by luck especially with Westbrook. Say wat u want about him, but he is a superstar

  8. Ok, let’s not lie to ourselves here; Russ is a fine player who can get triple doubles etc, but he needs to change his game ASAP -If the team wants to win more games. Not a selfish minded player though…

  9. I think what we are seeing is why KD left Russell Westbrooks. The guy can't play without the ball. And with the ball, can't win. His ability to get triple double just tells us that he's stealing stats from other players.

  10. That was a stupid pass at the end of the game, with 5.5 seconds left there was enough time to get off a shot

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