1. Wwndell "stiff legs"Carter is the reincarnation of David Greenwood.
    He's terrible and quite useless.
    Hutchinson sux Valentine sux Otto sux next year hopefully they'll draft a speedy PG with deft handles and shooting ability

  2. Bulls have been a D League franchise for over 2 decades. Why would anyone pay their hard earned money to watch this consistent crap. 😬😳

  3. Outside of Pdub, this team is AWFUL. Trade everyone, yes including Zack and Coby. I have a feeling that when the Bulls are relevant and competitive again, most of these guys will not be here. Keep Pat and overhaul the rest. GarPax are gone, but this is still their roster.

  4. Disgraceful performance. Thought Donovan would bring some toughness to this group, but this was more of the same. How far we've fallen.

  5. Wendell Need To Step Up
    Hi's Turning Into A New
    Felicia With No Defense
    Coby Needs To Play Smart
    To Many Turnovers…..

  6. Excuses Excuses, new front office, new Coach SAME FUCKING PROBLEMS!!!

    Fans need to flat out admit it,ITS 100% THE PLAYERS!! I saw not a single bulls player PISSED OFF lastnight,not a single one cared that they were getting their asses handed to them by 40 , but they sure as hell will care if they have to run too hard in practice..

    I'm so sick of this team,tear it all the hell down.if Zach can't have that fire in his eyes to the point the rest of the roster starts to play with some famn passion, then trade his ass. He is the best player,and he should demand nothing less then perfection..

  7. At a glance, the Bulls had a decent preseason, but they played a lot of G league types. When legit NBA players were on the floor, the Bulls got outplayed all preseason. They gave up an 80 point first half in game 1 of the season- that’s shocking! Atlanta is a talented young group. They started rebuilding after us, and they definitely leapfrogged us, fast.

  8. This is an evaluation season under this new President and GM and most of these players will be gone next season. This roster being bad is even more of indictment on GarPax. With that said though the Bulls need a PG who can create and facilitate bad. Coby is just not a point guard. It’s hard trying to watch him play point guard. He’s a shooting guard. They will eventually need to trade either Zach or Coby unless they just want to bring Coby off the bench as a shooting guard. The same with Wendell Carter and Lauri. One of them will have to go. Patrick Williams is the real deal though.

  9. Best "two way player" is a bunch of nonsense, last I checked, basketball is a two way game. There is no best "two way player" there is only the best player. Saying "best two way player" is just a way to dance around the elephant in the room that is Zach Lavigne's awful defense. By saying Otto Porter is the best "two way player" on the Bulls, you are saying he is the best player on the Bulls (which he is). You can't say Otto is the best two way player but Zach is the best player, that makes no sense whatsoever. Defense matters. Give Otto Porter Jr the respect he deserves, he's the best player on the Bulls.

  10. Not a bad game!? Yall didn't see that ass whoopin'. Defense was poorly executed. WC didn't do anything. Coby isn't a facilitator, didn't score. The bench!? Man, what did the Bulls do for the last 9 months.

    Its obvious that they were running through 2 players, coby looked lost. It's only one game but we got ran on…

  11. Otto Porter laboring up n down the court is concerning. How's his legs?
    Billy Donovan has to run a Triangle or Princeton style offense, and a zone defense. Team movement in sync is the key for this young lineup.
    If rookie P. Will is the Bulls best two way player, the Bulls are in for a long season. Zach has to be that player by improving on defense, and scouting his opponent.

  12. Wendell and Coby needs to watch out and they better bring it because DG and Watson are lurking in the shadows waiting for their opportunity. There is no reason why Dotson shouldn't have been drafted. That kid can flat out ball.

  13. I'm good with the losing. Get Lauri back on cheaper deal, get another high lotto pick to pair with Williams and we will have our core. Zach isn't going to take that step and become a superstar.

  14. Did I miss the BNA before the #ChicagoSJW’s took the empty court? I did. Because who cares about the Chinese National Basketball Association anymore? Wake up β€œwoke”.

  15. Tre Young isn't the king of flopping but he definitely is a prince. Flopping is part of the modern game and Tre Young is just taking advantage of it. Strategy made the Bulls frustrated along with their continued lack of shotmaking.

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