Bulls Free Agency Grades: Signing Thaddeus Young + Tomas Satoransky & Losing Robin Lopez

Bulls Free Agency Grades: Signing Thaddeus Young + Tomas Satoransky & Losing Robin Lopez


  1. B=..No big name FA's..We don't need them..I' like where this team is going and I don't see this as an ongoing rebuild..We have a starting group of talented young guys..and now we have the competition and veteran options in the mix to come off the bench..They put together a great run vs the top teams..and this year they're even better and deeper..it take time to build chemistry and learn an offense/defensive system.

  2. GREAT MOVES SO FAR..The Bulls have to do it the right way..unlike Lebron DOUCHE BAG James..who has no loyalty and creates a black hole on another team..his buddy system makes his comparisons to Jordan a JOKE..Anyway, I like the Bulls moves with Satoransky and Young..Young will help stabilize the Bulls defense, rebounding, toughness and character..Satoransky is a versatile 6-7 combo guard that can stretch the floor..he can play off ball when Coby is on the court or is capable of moving to SG/SF..He's only in his 3rd year and has defensive upside as well as being an improved playmaker/shooter from all levels..Right now you can see how Gafford will help the Bulls in the open court, as a rim protector, defender, put back monster and alley oops machine..With Young, Carter and Gafford..they have a strong front court defense..I like where this team is going, so enough negativity..It ain't easy building an NBA championship team.

  3. Don’t know why a young team got a veteran? Well shit, you stumped me. Why would a young team need leadership/mentorship and one of the best hustle players in the league?

  4. B, good smart “money ball” picks in free agency will give the Bulls more depth.
    I would not be shocked to see Tomas Satoransky starting for the Bulls or being a sixth man.

  5. And Go Bulls. We didn't have a Stretch 4, defend Multiple Guys. We actually need another big unless Felico is gonna be backup C, Wanted Curry over Tomas, but he can play Pg-2G, like Dunn. Valentine. Package Dunn and Valentine w/a 2nd and get a 1st.

  6. They obviously don't know anything about the bulls. The got young for a vet to be leader in the lockerroom. We got no vets to teach the young players. White the starter

  7. I just know that i had to have heard this man wrong because aint no way he just suggested starting coby at the 2 and satoransky at the 1. Dafuq???….So zach just a role player now….lol

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