Bulls Players Want To Overthrow Their Coach?

The Chicago Bulls are not in a great place as a franchise right now. Rick Strom and Jayar Jackson break it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!



  1. If I'm Denver GM, I would try to trade for LaVine. I will send Beasly and Hernangomez, they have a value plus send some draft picks and solve problems for both teams. Zak wannabe in a winning team.

  2. WOW ONLY TYT could see things this way.

    You can not have a Successful team that are full of a bunch of cry baby's that won't give 100%.

    They been playing like complete garbage the entire season and the new Coach is trying to change that the only way you can by hard work and Dedication.

    Oo i had to do some push ups..fucking pussies.ZACH LEVINE PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY PAINTS AND WIN SOME GAMES

  3. They need a young coach? Fred is 46 years old, that's pretty young for a head coach. He wasn't a good coach but they don't have a good front office either. You have a team full of young kids who don't know how to win and that is what's wrong with the league. These kids can't lead anyone to victory.

  4. Aww poor babies…team is garbage so let’s cry when a coach pushes u hard. Should find a coach who doesn’t care and let them lose 60 games, but at least they will b happy.

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