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  2. This was the 32nd game of the 86-87 season and it was Jordan's 20th (!!) 40 point or more game in 32 appearances. It was his regular season career high (he already famously had 63 points against the Celtics the season before). He'll go on to break his regular season high (and set the season high bulls record) this year with a couple of 61 point games against the Rockets and Pistons.

  3. must admit this Jordan had some hangtime, can see him lead the league in scoring easily with his natural athleticism and quickness, but seems like Players are bigger and stronger today in general, even the average joe in the western world who works out, probably due to all the proteins and muscle enhancements, plus trainers who know all about workingo ut. Trust me I notice it all the times after being out the States for sometime and upon my return when I land I notice giants and it seems like im in a gladiator world coming from other countries where working out (pumpin) is not practiced as much.
    So the point is that anyone who has played against a much stronger player knows that it's much more physcial and they wear you out, on top playing defense against them is a nightmare because they just bulldoze you over, perfect example of how lebron changed the game. So the game has evolved, even steph curry is swolled up. Players like Westbrook and Lebron would do a lot of damage in the 80's, , an exception was Karl Malone who was a player with a built from this era, and that the was mid 90's mailman , D-Rob was pure muscles..

  4. Composure, great point. Others' (Kobe) bitch and whine about teammates. MJ just put it to his opponents night after night.

  5. Right. It is absurd to hear others bring Kobe into a discussion with Mike. Magic and Larry, even with their different styles, are more worthy rivals.

  6. AND, he altered and expanded his game as his career progressed. From an attacking slasher with med. range to a mid range sniper and post up player as he filled out and gained strength as he got older. And learned to incorporate his teammates as well.

  7. Dp you nailed it. Maybe only an Isiah, Stockton, could change direction on a dime like MJ. 6 footers, not guys 6'6. Good point, Kobe is perhaps the closest imitator, but not the same. Too bad for the young folks who didn't see (MJ) him live.
    I imagine it was similar when Baylor came into the league in the late 50's.

  8. Right badpx. Drexler, Erving and Worthy scored a great deal of their points in transition. MJ, like a Gervin or King, could work his points in half court as well.

  9. Right, Ramses. That would take a lot of time, no doubt. And when did MJ have any center like Shaq? Or any above avg center, for that matter?

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