1. Scottie should have averaged at least 22 points a game against the pistons he had the potential to do it but didn't show up in the series.

  2. Hubie Brown I know he had 47pts. But he also held Joe Dumars and Vinny Johnson under double-digits. Are you kidding me…Not just the GREATEST basketball player of All-Time. But the GREATEST athlete as well, Michael Jeffery Jordan"

  3. jordan dropped 40 points in back to back nights on the leagues greatest defensive team ever…… in 90 the next closest scorer on the bulls in 1990 was pippen at 14 a night….. took them to 7 and pippen missed game 7

  4. how can anyone dare compare ANY player to him?

    he has a combo of the the skill and knowledge of Bird and Magic with super human athleticism. 

  5. jordan also travelling liek a motherfucker, how come ok for him but no one else? love ginobli lol he does same shit and everyone amazed as he dunks on kobe

  6. I don't think Lebron is a better rebounder. Moreover, Jordan had better passing ability but preferred to score while Lebron prefers to pass. Defensively, Jordan is better by a long shot.

  7. Michael Jordan enough said, great game by Rodman even though I hated him back then! It is no wonder the Bulls won six once Mike started getting help he was almost single handedly beating teams by himself! Absolutely awesome player, in my Ali voice the greatest of ALL TIME!

  8. The one person who disliked this is probably blind, deaf and in a wheelchair and asked his nurse too click the like button, wich she miss-clicked

  9. Start at 5:31. Possibly one of the best moves Jordan did as he goes past 3 defenders speeding to the basket. Dumars is on him, note Rodman extending his right leg, and Laimbeer on the defensive ready to block.

  10. @nuriy You are right Michael Jordan is the absolute GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER TO EVER WALK THE FACE OF THE EARTH…THERE IS NO DEBATE…NOW THIS IS A MATTER OF OPINION ON MY PART HERE…THE SECOND GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME IS…..Earvin " Magic " Johnson…I'll let the rest of you weigh in with your own opinions…This is stirctly for the "Experts" to respond to.

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