Chicago Bulls 1984-85 Partial Regular Season Recap (Rookie Michael Jordan, Age 21)

These clips chronicle any mention of the Chicago Bulls’ 1984-85 NBA season which featured a rookie (age 21) Michael Jordan. They are from ‘Time Out”, …



  1. Watching this video and I can see a woman on a sports show and a lot of black business men giving interviews America looks great but that's not what iv been made to believe, its like what trump is staying is true let's make American great again ,sorry a bit of topic but its true

  2. You have some classic stuff here TwoThreeForever. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Living in Australia we got the mainstream stuff but this sort of footage wouldn’t have been seen. So thanks to the internet, and people like you I get to feel like I am time traveling back to the 90s and starting all over again.
    Thanks again. 👍🍻

  3. I really dont know what this was but Thanks any way.

    I hope you have enough games to show MJ's entire ROOKIE season chronologically. From 5 rookie PRE-SEASON games followed by 82 REGULAR SEASON Games followed by 4 POST-SEAON PLAYOFF Games.

    This way, we atleast get to see MJ's growth as he got older each month and how his game matured from 1st rookie PRE-SEASON game to Last ROOKIE PLAYOFF Game vs Bucks.

    If you were given the opportunity to do something Unique. Do it and stand out amonst other YouTubers. ROOKIE MJ was something very special. Your channe can take advantage of this and really dig into some exclusive ROOKIE MJ stuff.

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