Chicago Bulls – 1991 Championship (THIS IS ALL THAT YOU NEED TO WATCH)

REALINO NOTES—- “I was only in my 5th grade when MJ played his last season in 1998, but he already amazed me with his artistry. I am a firm believer that his …



  1. I personally would say if theres any 1 that agrees with me or mot then i dont carei dont think no one knows how bad michael wanted ti win he tried and tried rvery year his anger his frustration grew and grew against detroit cause he may score 40,50,60 points but there still losing to them but the start of the playoffs Jorsan steamrolled through everybody and Once it was a showdown against Detroit he picked them apart with his passing

  2. 1990s was a golden era for nba because people were just watching one channel for all of their games. Currently, you need an encyclopedia of cable television just to watch all of the games.

  3. damn man this was before my time me being born in 93 and all but i heard stories and watched videos of the great bulls since my uncle was a hugee bulls fan was this before rodman came or sumthin cuz i thought it was rodman pipen and jordan

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