1. Thing about Rodman i find interesting…. you see him after the plays – no matter who on his team scored – first pumping in celebration. Such a strange concept that someone who seemed so polarizing and antiestablishment, but when that ball is tipped, is a complete team player.

  2. Notice how the defense is so bunched up back then compared to how spread out D is in todays game because everyone is 3pt happy. Back then you had to fight in the paint to score most of your points.

  3. It’s always exciting to watch a colorful team, colorful hair, players of different color and from different countries. Such magnificent teamwork, which is what basketball is all about. There isn’t or there will never ever be a team greater than the 90s Chicago Bulls.

  4. Till this day ,,I cannot believe they broke this hell of a team apart!!!what a bunch of idiots!!!they would easily win 10 titles!!!hands down!!!They will never b another team like this ever !!!The Goats 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 ❤️✌️

  5. Here is one thing you need to remember about this team. Their longest LOSING Streak was 2 games the entire freaking season. They played almost the entire month of November away from Home with the Circus then the Ice Capades coming to Chicago at the time. They ROFL STOMPED thru the Eastern conference Playoffs losing 2 games to the Knicks that always played them tougher than anyone. They freaking Swept the Magic that had been to the Finals the Year before in the Conference Finals. Rodman was so far in Payton and Burkowski's head in the finals that neither really where a factor in them. I mean you think todays GSW would have a freaking prayer. Jordan would have Curry crying from being smothered. Durant would find out that Rodman can and will get inside your head so fast that even your wife thinks your him. Green is going to discover that Pippen was a Doberman in a prior life and loves to smother and run with you. Thompson is going to find out that Longley has 2 other heads on him that all love to beat even harder than he does in Wennington and Spider Sally. Their bench is going to be worn out trying to out last 3 3 point shooters in Kerr Buchlor and Kukoc plus a Backup guard in Brown that loves to clamp down harder on defense than Pippen and Jordan. Then we have Harper that while his knees are bad the sucker can defend the outside and will score at will. Rodman would increase his RPG by at least 10 per game in todays NBA with all the shots taken from the outside.

  6. This video should be shown by every coach at a high school & college level and this kind of team ball should be demanded or you sit on the bench. I know it won't happen because of recruiting & $$$ involved but a guy can dream that one day the NBA will get back to this kind of play. ISO ball & 40 three pointers a game has almost killed a once great league.

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