1. @MrShakenbake930 yh i was wondering that maybe from the pre seasono or the like games before the actual season starts….yh i forgot what it was called lol

  2. im confused… if this was the intro for the home opener and th home opener is at the beginning of the season… how did they have those highlights from games that happened later in the season?

  3. looks like we wont get lakers-bulls, ehhh, its ok, i still hope the bulls and celtics make it to the east finals, not bulls-heat!, and thunder-bulls in the NBA finals!

  4. man since the bulls are just the best team ever, we should have a very intimidating intro song aside from the original Sirius theme of the Alan Parsons project.

    Kinda like something in the lines of Slipknot or the old Mudvayne songs, or something from Pantera or The 36 CrazyFists.

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