Chicago Bulls 2019 NBA Draft Lottery | Reaction + Analysis!

Chicago Bulls 2019 NBA Draft Lottery | Reaction + Analysis!


  1. I am a little disappointed but I am looking for the team to do the right thing. I am more high on Garland instead of White. But I am really hoping that the Bulls really develop the talent that is already there as well.

  2. draft garland.
    dont draft coby white lol when is the last player in the nba to be good with an afro?
    anyways the draft is RIGGED….if garland is gone. see if you can trade pick for jrue holiday…
    and sign rose

  3. Chicago, Phoenix and Cleveland were set smooth the hell up! 😂. How tf did LA get a higher draft .. 🤣. They may as well revealed a middle finger 🖕🏾 when reading off their names. lol

  4. Yeah dude but just because they found talent at 7 before doesn’t mean they can in this particular draft! I hope they do, but I kinda lost hope.
    Also Coby White has too low assists for Bulls core! Zach holds the ball and now if we get Coby he will too. I don’t see a good fit.

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