Chicago Bulls 2019 Offseason Guide – Do's and Don'ts

Chicago Bulls 2019 Offseason Guide – Do's and Don'ts


  1. If they can't work out a deal on draft day I would like to see them make an offer to D Rose any day before Lonzo Ball period point blank!

  2. I’d like to pick up rose. And draft reddish, not a fan of Otto. Not gonna be anything more then what he is rn. Or like u said trade up for Ja

  3. Our front office & coach are both ass, so give up the hope of ever getting a big name free agent.
    The only way we get an all NBA type guy is if we draft him

  4. Dunn hasn’t had a real chance to build any chemistry with his teammates due to injuries..He can bs better than Lonzo ball..Fuck no on that trade

  5. I was paying attention until you said Lonzo ball, fuck no, fuck that noise, no drama, no bullshit… He’s a terrible shooter we already have a very good defender who has more upside on offense..Dunn… And he can play next to Coby white if needed.

  6. You absolutely draft best available in a need lol. You draft for fit when you’re contending and at the back end of the draft….

  7. Mistake made bro if you cut felicio you still have to pay him All NBA Contracts are fully guaranteed so trading him is the only way we can get him off our books

  8. the ptoblem with drose…he prolly wont play half the season…not his fault but his knees arw fucked..agree our bench sucked ass…main reason we lost most of our games

  9. Bol Bol might be good in the 2nd round, or if there's a Taj Gibson out there in the 2nd. We do need backups at PF & C, tho no one big $, I'd say 5-8 mill gets a great role player, so say 25 mill on 3-4 players. Reddick/Rozier/ Beverly/ Lamb/Ross/E.Davis/T.Young/Cauley-stein and there r PLENTY more affordable assets out there.

  10. Exactly! Were building a dynasty to last a decade, we already got our core, let Lauri/Zach/WCJ grow into allstars, draft a gem with the 7th pick again, C.White or C.Reddish. Add 2 or 3 tough vets, guys to come off bench and Rose would be awesome in the mix. Only max player that fits is Klay. U figure Lauri will be a MAX, we wanna keep Hutchinson and this next rookie can be our last piece of the puzzle. Great stuff bro! I agree with everything!

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