Chicago Bulls 2020 Full Roster Breakdown Post Draft And Free Agency!

Hey guys, it’s Faiz In today’s video, I give you guys my full roster breakdown for the Chicago Bulls for the 2020 NBA season. Download the Thrive Fantasy App …



  1. Good vid!
    I expect Patrick Williams to start once he's adjusted to the NBA, his teammates, and role on the team. Nobody wants to see a #4 draft pick come off the bench.
    A starting lineup w/ White, LaVine, Porter Jr, Williams and Carter Jr, can be the most effective Bulls starting 5 both offensively, and defensively. Markkanen, Young, Gafford, Temple, Valentine and Hutchison builds a versatile bench with scorers, defenders and role playing vets.
    Devon Dotson has the talent to make the Chicago Bulls roster. Hopefully, he goes off in preseason. Dotson can be a solid backup to Coby White. And don't forget abt Adam Mokoka.

  2. Starters look like defensive tragedy waiting to happen. Wc doesn't even want center, more of pf and he knows it. I say start patrick at center. 7 foot wingspan, natural defender doesn't need ball and can stretch. Play Carter behind Lauri. See them play for 9th seed again with this line up and still no depth.

  3. Not getting invited into the bubble might have actually worked out in our favor, because now the players are fresh. We've got talent, hopefully Billy and co. can put it together. I don't see us doing much more in free agency, the depth has been shored up. Let's see what the rotations look like and what the offense looks like, since they're not going to get a whole lot of time to mesh before the opening bell.

  4. Tbh this team has a chance to be a playoff team they have a new coach the right player development and FO so there is no more excuses for this team their future is very bright cant wait to see like final reveal

  5. I believe Dotson is offensively better that Archi and Sato. He can hold his own on the defensive end. He would be a better back up to Coby and he would fit perfectly with that second unit.

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