1. to those saying this utah team was sh*t.. this utah team beat houstons 3 stars in barkley, drexler and olajuwon in a hard fought series.. malone eventually became number 2 in the all time scoring list and stockton the "all time assist and steals leader" in the NBA!!! and MJ' bulls beat them 2X.. let that sink in!!!

  2. An exeptional complet athlete in his art. Very beautiful spirit and personality in the game. Everytime he reached the tops he never lost them. 15 years,6 titles what else?!

  3. Utah fans showing respect because they know they are witnessing history even if their team lose. I remember crying thinking bulls may lose haha!

  4. The 90s Bulls were a beautiful example of the generation. Once the Bulls era ended I felt like the world changed into the new generation

  5. I still get low key emotional while watching this, it's like reliving my childhood from 4th grade to 11th all over again……

  6. that was the realist statement I've ever heard I could walk away from my last game if its a loss because I have so much other success in the past to remember but I don't want to be remembered as the man who stayed one year too long

  7. that was the realist statement I've ever heard I could walk away from my last game if its a loss because I have so much other success in the past to remember but I don't want to be remembered as the man who stayed one year too long

  8. The fact that Jerry Krause is being interviewed first in this clip makes me sick…. that fat douche broke the team up and brought them into mediocrity for a decade

  9. What do you say to those including Scottie Pippen, and Charles Barkley who said that LeBron is/will be better than MJ?

  10. Love it the Delta Center going from 110 decibels to stunned, depressed silence just like that! The only cheers are coming from the Bulls contingent that made the trip.

  11. Indiana was up 7 for sure. There was a jump ball in the 4th where they were up 7, Chicago got possession and hit a 3 to cut it to 4. It was a very close series, and the Bulls possibly would have gotten another ring but we'll never know i guess.

  12. OKay you are a clown. The bulls barely made it to the finals that year. In fact, Indiana was up 10 in the 4th quarter in Chicago in game 7 before the Bulls closed it out. Jordan would have been 36. His knees were bothering him all year. I'm not saying it would have IMPOSSIBLE for them to win, I am saying it was unlikely.

  13. ummm ur wrong rodman would have had an older robinson in check, so that minused out duncan was young bulls would have atimidated him enough, who the fuk was gonna stop jordan on spurs????????? or pippen on spurs????

  14. I get what you're saying, but it's very unlikely they would have gotten another ring if all these guys came back. Jordan was 35 this year, and though still great, he was slowing down. The Spurs looked unstoppable the year Duncan and Robinson won.

  15. no they werent managment wasnt seeing eye to eye with jackson n mj, jordan made 33mill hat yr, 40mill he would have stayed, jackson was askin for 10…. the owners for yrs cheaped out n under paid mjthey coulda manned up 1 more yr

  16. What was he supposed to do? The only one willing to stay at that point was Pippen. Jackson and Jordan were both gonna retire.

  17. obviously your ignorant to what happened back then. Pippen wanted out. He didn't want to play in Jordan's shadow anymore. He wanted to prove he can win a championship without Jordan. Since Pippen wanted out, Jordan didn't want to come back. Yes the owner had a part with dismanteling the team, but it's not completely their fault.

  18. That is very true. That is the heart of a true champion and the greatest basketball player to ever put on a pair of sneakers. An assassin in shorts. We miss you Michael. We know that there will never come a time that another MJ will rise so…thank God for you and the par excellence you've shown to the world that even the kids of today would want to pick up a basketball after seeing you play.

    The heart of a true champion.

  19. I like that speech by Costas near the end he was right about many things. Bulls managing really fucked up, that team could have won atleast one more. It was truly the end of an era.

  20. fuck jerry reinsdorf, he can veto any decisions that fat ass krause made in any given day being the owner of the bulls team but he never did shit!!! if it would have been the lakers or the celtics organization…they would have drain the life out of this team till it dies a natural death!!! such a shame…

  21. He's authentic, his essence is so much deeper than image. In fact the image is in his case, an amplification of something true and substantive. Take all the money, all the agilation, all the TV cameras away and put Michael Jordan in the gym somewhere. With Russell and Oscar, West and The Doctor, and he'd be as genuine and as much in his element as any of them. His heart and his athletic integrity every bit as impressive as his artistry.
    -Bob Costas

  22. fuck this nigga I was suppose to sleep at 9pm its almost 5am…look like no school for me today 🙂 lets watch some more amazing mj videos

  23. Those of you who actually watched jordan play when the bulls were running the show , (you know who you are) would completely agree with what Bob Costas said at the end there about MJ. He is as authentic as they get and there is no one that could've summed it up better in words about MJ like Bob did.

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