Chicago Bulls Already Eyeing 2021 Free Agency?

Chicago Bulls Already Eyeing 2021 Free Agency?


  1. I think they'll finish at around 10-6, but if this team is what I think they are and Mitch takes the next step he suppose to good teams don't finish out the season on a 3 game losing streak.

  2. We're set up lovely for the future, develope this talent and who knows maybe we keep Otto in 2021 and recreate the Bench mob of the past. IT'S A GREAT TIME TO BE A BULLS FAN

  3. I don't know the rule but as long as only Lauri qualifying offer is counted to the cap plus these guys you pointed out are the only other players left then yes the Bulls should have just enough to sign 2 max players BUT then the Bulls would have to be allowed to go over the cap to give Lauri his pay day. I'm pretty sure that you can not do this but who knows. I can see OTTO opting out getting $20m per over 4 year's if he is still shooting 40% from 3 & playing D. These other role players the Bulls have signed could be part if a sign and trade with a team for another Star.

    The Bulls only need to be a team that needs a Star to compete and 2 start to be the favourite by free agency 2021.

  4. What's insane is the Bulls had Gary Harris & Joseph Nurkic & traded them for ……douggy mcdermmy🤮, Nurkic is no longer with Nuggets but was team mates with Jokic on Denver & these guys helped eachother form their all star level game, Harris a very good defender can handle rock & hit jumpers is starting for Nuggets so was Nurkic. Doug I think isnt in the league, when the Bulls draft right, it's a triple or homerun, when they swing n miss it's bad like missing a 15 yard fielsgoal. Imagine we kept those guys which we would of if we signed Melo that year who was a FA in 2012 or 13 & went to Knicks. D Rose was finally making his comeback & Melo still in his prime would of took all the pressure off Rose rushing back & playing harder than he should have plus we would of had those 2 good rookies, even without Melo they would of been a huge help forming a bridge into the post D Rose era. Getting to my main point those rookies needed a good 3 years to polish their game along with W.Barton, J.Murray & Jokic then they added veteran warriors like Millsap that fit the teams style. I believe the Bulls learned their lesson, dont forget they built a team that was only a SG away from being even competitors with Miami in D Rose era. Looking back shoulda kept Ben Gordon who while with Bulls was the NBA 4th quarter leading scorer over K.Bryant. A lot of times he was cold in 1st half but explode for 15-20 in 4th, exactly what Rose needed, Deng can keep you in the game but not seal it, Gordon could. So we got even more talent piled on the team with drafting Markkenen, Carter & White/Gafford with players traded for LaVine & Porter & vets who fit perfect Young&Satoransky. Paxon said perfectly let these guys play for 2 years & we will know where we are. We might not even need to sign a major guy but just a piece or 2 to complete the team. If people dont see Mark & LaVine coming they're blind, they just needed defense & depth which we now have to start closing out & winning games. I agree with you #Faiz that we're an 8th/9th team but we can take the east off guard and finish between 4th-6th.

  5. Bruh the bulls struck out big time not trying to get Westbrook and now probably won’t get Lowry we needed some superstar to show others like Greek freak Kawhi etc. not going to happen why? The bulls needed that and at the same time making a presence in the playoffs. Consistently going there both this season and next. 2 reason why superstars won’t come. If guys like Lavine want to stay and the fans want him to we need a reason and making the playoffs helps. We would be lucky to make the 11th spot in the east this and next year. If that happens do you think guys like giannis pg13 AD want to come. Do Lavine Laurie carter want to stay. Hell no they would want some where they could be in the playoffs. Yes they are developing but at some point they want to be pushing for playoffs. Last reason the media. The media is even looking at the bulls right now and most likely not next year if we don’t make moves. That alone won’t attract attention. The bottom line if we wanted these free agents we should have traded while the iron is hot. That’s point of view how I see this

  6. Before they concentrate on getting another good star or player, get a respectable coach. Like I said before the Bulls have the talent they just don't have the leadership that they need to get into the playoffs. From what I saw last year of the games that I was able to catch Bowlin is not a good coach. I realize they're not going to get another Thibodeaux but they need somebody that can get them somewhere. Sorry but sad to say bowling is not going to do it.

  7. I’d rather them build through the draft. Just cause I already know🤨🙄🤦🏾‍♂️ It’s not worth the hassle trying to get superstars to come to here. Don’t even waste your time. And I’d definitely keep Lauri, Wendell, Zach, & Coby.

  8. We need to save Bradley Beal from Washington! Or maybe Anthony Davis will want to come home😔 I'm ready for the angry AntiBulls squad to come along and call me delusional

  9. Faiz bro I get what you are saying but there is no such thing as the Denver model because teams have already done what the Nuggets are doing, past and present. I get that the team needs to be good to attract free agents and that the team must build a winner. The only thing that you left out is the fact of the front office and you playing for it and location. Location matters. PG and Kawhi did not go to LA just to go home. They went home ultimately because of the ambiance of the city.

  10. it's a stars league and we have none! no star free agents wants to come to Chicago and play with this overhype core.garpax are praying Zach and lauri  become superstars and stars come  play with them #nothappening. star free agents would rather play in new Orleans than here. fallow me at Cvillebullsfan on twitter

  11. Just saying, a team with a developing coby white, a prime Zach lavine, MVP Giannis, Lauri Markkanen, and Wendell Carter Jr. is gonna be pretty tough to beat

    But in all seriousness Giannis will never join us

  12. Just posted Russell Westbrook highlights if anyone wants to check it out 🔥

    also nice vid faiz I’ve been subscribed for a bit now and enjoy the videos your pumping out

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