1. I'm glad Michael Jordan finally beat Detroit 4-0 in the playoffs in 1991 LOL. Detroit walked off the basketball court early like some faggots in the 4th quarter in the last game in Detroit. They didn't wanna shake Chicago Bulls players hands. Everything was all good as long as Detroit bullied Chicago and beat Chicago 3 straight years 1988, 1989 and 1990 in the playoffs LOL. Michael Jordan is my favorite NBA basketball player. I'm glad he won 6 championships. I'm a Cleveland Cavs fan and I'm from Cleveland. I hated it when Michael beat Cleveland in the playoffs in 1989 and 1993 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Chicago and Cleveland might've played each other a couple more times in the playoffs. But I don't remember what years they played. I loved Cleveland's players in the 1980's like Brad Daugherty, Larry Nance, Mark Price, Ron Harper and John Williams(RIP).

  2. Bulls lost in 5 in 1988, lost in 6 in 1989, lost in 7 in 1990, then finally won in 1991. Neat, huh. Kinda orderly.

  3. I remember the sh** storm Scottie Pippen took for not being able to play game 7.
    Everyone should know that Bill Laimbeer's elbow to the face gave Scottie Pippen
    what is now called a CONCUSSION misdiagnosed in 1990 as a migraine headache.

  4. So does anyone else realize that lebron plays against mostly eastern which are all horrible except for the bulls wonder how well he'd do against mostly western which have all the superstars

  5. The prosecutions' opening argument as to why what's his name… that 21st century guy best in the world… .. Lebron – can never be the best of all-time.

  6. The flagrant foul should of been called the Detroit piston foul…the Pistons were an average NBA team that hurt players on purpose in order to advance. The NBA allowed it because humans like the Good vrs Bad element and it selled tickets. Had the NBA refs done their job Bulls win championship from 89 to 98. PERIOD!

  7. In a weird way, I think it was the Pistons who actually indirectly helped Jordan (and the Bulls) become a championship team. They were soft, and Jordan was selfish with the ball until the Pistons banged them around for a few years. This toughened them, and without it I don't know if Jordan ever wins all those rings. . .

    To be honest, Jordan didn't win shit until the Pistons, Celtics and Lakers stars were all OLD. They never stood a chance against Boston in the East until Bird was just about finished. Same with the Pistons. When they were in their prime, the Bulls couldn't touch 'em.

  8. I am not a Piston fan. And, they didn't just win with physical play. They also got into your head as well. Chicago didn't beat them until they figured out how to play a team game.

  9. Check the tape: it was hardly only Jordan who didn't want Isaiah on the team. And lest you think thugs and players of the lowest character should represent the U.S.A at the Olympics to the rest of the world, the selection for the Dream Team was made shortly after Isaiah led the Pistons off the court after getting swept by Jordan's Bulls while the game was still going. Isaiah's talent notwithstanding – Isaiah and with few exceptions(Dumans, Salley) the Pistons were punks.

  10. Notice how you can't include your Piston's in that conversation? It's because the Piston's didn't win their title's with skilled basketball, they won them with back-alley thuggery. They'll never be in the conversations with the greats which will ALWAYS include Jordan and Pippen's Bulls. History, pal.

  11. uh huh, after getting swept and watching the Bulls win 6 rings to Detroit's 2 and never hearing from another member of the Bad Boys again (except Rodman who when he knew he could no longer beat them, had to join them).

  12. NBA basketball at it's best, not this sissy, flopping, drama queen, lets talk behind the scenes and start a super team of what we now call the NBA of today. The only current NBA teams I respect today — Chicago, OKC, San Antonio, Dallas, Portland, Minnesota and I guess the Lakers.

  13. Yo I seriously did not read some moron say the blazers was a better team and is using lame ass Kevin Duckworth as a excuse if it wasn't for a overtime it would of ended up a sweep just like the year before and actual the toughest team was Seattle they played them the best and a few calls here and there the series might of ended up a different outcome

  14. I witnessed the last real time anyone beat mj game 7 of the eastern finals in Detroit it was amazing Iwas 10 and still get chills I dont count 95 vs Orlando cause mj was just getting his legs back …and Anyone who seriously thinks Thomas didn't deserve to be on the dream team really is either a hater or is clueless to how great Isaiah really was he always dominated Stockton and out played magic in both NBA series was the 84 and 86 Best pt guard other then magic EVER

  15. The Bulls aren't the best team ever. Ever heard of the 60's Celtics, 80's Celtics, 80's, Lakers, and 83 Sixers? Those teams would wipe the floor with the 1996 Bulls.

  16. There is another League called NFL that pays rough players. In Basketball, skills still valued more than being physical and rough. It is not only how you win the game and NBA title, it is how you choose to be remember. Sure Detroit won NBA titles, but fans vaguely remember those and care about those. To try to hurt him in the game is shameful, to feel right about it is shameless.

  17. thomas deserved to be on the dream team…. if michael wasn't such a little bitch he would have been there ..we won anyway just saying..

  18. He had his best statistical season that year (35.0/5.5/5.9/3.2/1.6) and he also won Defensive player of the year.

  19. I love it when I see that Thomas was not picked for the Dream Team–for whatever reason. Laimbeer probably shitted diarrhea after he lost 4 games to the Bulls in 91. LOL!

  20. @JBSptfn
    What the league was trying to do when they implemented that rule during the 1987-88 season, was LIMIT his offensive destruction from the previous season.
    When Chuck Daily said that MJ was "embarrassing the league", that's what it was LOL!!
    MJ joined Mikan and Wilt as the ONLY players that had "league sponsored" rules that were designed to limit them.
    Mikan and Wilt had the NBA adjust to their size.
    MJ had the NBA adjusting to his skill…that's the difference.

  21. lollll Celtics were stacked as fucked back then and nobody else in the league was good. Now shut ur dumb ass mouth

  22. I'm glad I'm doing the smart thing; watching basketball and TELLING like it is! My debate is hot like Stephen A Smith, you'll get burned everytime! IT'S BLASPHEMY!!!! (Steve Smith voice)

  23. BWAAHHHHAAAA!! That's a load of crap! How dare you disrespect the greatest team of all time. MJ and the Bulls never ran from anybody nor did they complain to Stern about the Pistons being too physical! They stood and fought despite being beatin in 3 consecutive Eastern Conference finals meetings. The Pistons were old, busted, broken, and injured. They beat the shit outta themselves more than anybody else. I hate it when muthafukaz like you cry, whine, and bitch that the league is fixed! SMH

  24. Wanna bet? Jackson and MJ complained to the league after the 1990 season because the Pistons were too physical for them. So what does the league do? They institute the Flagrant Foul rule. They never did that for the Lakers or Celtics when they were rough with each other in the 80's. Why Jordan? Because he was a baby, just like Scottie Pippen.

    The NBA was fixed for MJ and the LA Flukers in the 00's when it was on NBC. They encouraged it.

  25. The 1992 Blazers were the best team the Bulls played in the Finals, but they weren't mentally tough. The 1990 Finals were the first real indication of that, when Laimbeer got Duckworth off his game. A mentally tougher Portland team would have taken Detroit further in 1990, and they would have beat the Bulls in 91 and 92.

  26. And please add:
    – Jordan himself has always said Dumars is the best player to ever guard him.
    – Dumars, Adrian Dantley, and the late, great Chuck Daly are in the HOF.
    – Bill Laimbeer, Mark Aguirre, and Vinnie Johnson SHOULD be in the HOF based on their individual impact on the game on a consistent basis.
    – The "Jordan Rules" led to Phil Jackson's "Triangle Offense".
    – Mentally, Detroit lived rent free in the heads of all NBA teams. Today's NBA couldn't survive that.

  27. Laimbeer is a dirty player man. Sure everyone was abit of a dirty player but the guy took it to a whole new level he was always trying to injure you I cant respect players who play like that.

  28. @Goramell and all the Bulls haters, I dare u to come say that in Chi-town! The Bulls never cried after your Pistons beat em 3 times in a row but you lose a series and you walk off the court after refusing to shake hands after you lose??? Just for the record the NBA was never fixed for Jordan, Kobe, or Lebron to win a championship. Nothing but raw talent. All your excuses are lame as hell!!

  29. Bulls didn't just get past the pistons in '91 in some do or die 7-game series. It was a complete 4 game sweep. Only one game was somewhat close. They ended the bad boys. The excuse often used is that the pistons got old and that's the reason the bulls won. I just added it up and the pistons total age the next year in '92 was 385. 61 years younger than the '96 72-10 Bulls, whose total age in '96 was 446. and they still won 2 more titles after that.

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