Chicago Bulls BOLD Predictions On Upcoming Season | Chicago Bulls News | 2019-2020 Season

Chicago Bulls BOLD Predictions On Upcoming Season | Chicago Bulls News | 2019-2020 Season


  1. Trade Felicio, Dunn, Valentine and Hutchinson for Chris Paul ! Move Sataransky to the SG POSITION coming off the bench he’s tall enough and can shoot

  2. Bulls 49-33 5th seed 2nd round exit migh mk it conference finals zack 26/5/5 mark 26/8/4ast porter 18/7/6 carter 15/9/3ast 2blks

  3. Lauri has not shown me anything to believe he will be a superstar. He has no post game, slightly above avg 3pt shooting. Subpar defense is all I see from Lauri. What exactly screams superstar to you. He plays like a beta.

  4. Lauri needs to be more aggressive when he gets the ball he settles for outside 3s or pass the ball , he needs to be aggressive and look for his shots like Zach

  5. No way two Bulls make the All Star Game, unless they are a top 4 seed when voting ends. As for the Dunk Contest, only if Lavine isn’t an All Star, and the Bulls don’t have anyone else voted in. The Bulls have to have someone participating on All Star weekend

  6. I agree, the Bulls will make the playoffs. Not sure if LaVine or Markkanen will make the All Star team, but the combination of Otto, Zach, and Lauri should be enough to maintain a .500 or above record. Just play defense!

  7. don't sleep on adam mokoka! mokoka is better than hutch and valentine combine and if the bulls actually made it a competition mokoka would eat them up for breakfast! mokoka is already a better shooter than hutch and has work ethic something hutch lacks! mokoka is a great defender, good shooter, good playmaker, run the floor well, and good slasher. mokoka has scary potential and all I ask is for the bulls to allow mokoka to compete for the small forward spot!

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