Chicago Bulls Could Trade Lauri Markkanen & Zach LaVine To Timberwolves For #1 Draft Pick!

Chicago Bulls Could Trade Lauri Markkanen & Zach LaVine To Timberwolves For #1 Draft Pick! ——————————————————————— | Shoutout …



  1. Well, the bulls have already traded Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, and a bunch of other players so they probably will get rid of LaVine cuz the bulls are stupid.

  2. I love that trade for the Bulls. Especially if they keep the 4th pick. Why not? Wiseman at 1 and Mello or Deni at 4… yes please. 🙂

  3. I don't want the number 1 draft pick to be another bust the bulls need to build around this young core I believe Markkanen and Lavine can get better with a new coach and better players around them.

  4. Gotta trade LaVine while his stock high. Putting up 25ppg on a trash team means nothin’. 6 seasons in the league and his winning percentage is not even at .300. He wins a average of 15-20 games per season.

  5. Bulls need to fire everyone from the front office and rebuild and stay committed in building a great franchise and stop “their get rid of the best player for new players” mentality

  6. I would do this trade, Zach sucks either way. Only reason he averages the numbers he does is because he plays for us and we have garbage players on our team.

  7. Lmao so many ppl don't wanna do this trade. But I would love to see it. Ball, White, Deni, Wendell, Gafford. I'm widdit man. Y'all ain't no real bulls fans.

  8. This could happen because if you know AD is considering coming home you gotta make some cap space… Bulls adding CP3, and getting the number 1 pick for Zach&Lauri sending it to the 76ers for Embid and Zhaire Smith with a 2nd-rnd pick in 2022..Embid, AD,CP3, Zhaire Smith, Valentine..Yes! I said Valentine! he should be starting…he can play 3-positions for a team..and adding a Moe Harkless in free agency wouldn't be a bad idea…Gafford, Wendell Jr.,Coby White, Dunn,Moe Harkless,Sato become tha bench-mob..and you allow CP3 to groom Coby White for after he retires…that's how you rebuild!… behind vets with playoffs experience! Embid,AD,CP3 same team you goin to tha finals!!!

  9. If we make a train this should be it, a three team trade involving Chicago Golden State and Utah here's the breakdown.
    Chicago sends.
    Lauri markkenden & Otto porter or
    Lauri markkenden, Stato & Young to
    GSW- Bulls 2nd Rd pick to Utah
    Warriors sends Andrew Wiggins to Utah and their 2nd overall pick to Chicago.
    Utah sends Michael Porter Jr to Chicago Bulls.
    GSW- receives a combination of
    Markkenden,Otto,Stato & Young
    Utah receives- Andrew Wiggins 2nd Rd pick from Chicago.
    Chicago receives- from GSW 2nd overall pick & from Utah MPJ.

    It is rumored that Golden State wants veteran players because they are in win now mode.
    Utah needs more scoring which Wiggins provides and an added second round pick.

    Chicago fills a need with MPJ & would have the second overall pick ( which I would use on James Wiseman).
    PG Cody White–6'5
    SG Zach lavine–6'5
    SF Michael Porter Jr–6'10
    PF Wendell Carter Jr–6'10
    C James Wiseman–7'1

    Young and athletic team that would be able to score on all three levels three-pointer mid-range post as well as play with tempo & have two defensive anchors in the half court game in my humble opinion.

  10. now that would be by far the STUPIDIEST TRADE TO EVER GO DOWN….WTF comes up with this shit ?
    If youre a Bulls fan, no way possible youre thinking this is a good move….wow…wtf

  11. Killian, Deni or melo. I think Killian might be the smarter player plus those harden step back moves and slick passes. Maybe trade lavine. He is our best asset but we need somebody who is more team oriented. He won't have the keys to the offense on a playoff team. Third option second option at best. Two way players are needed. We stink on offense because of lavines ball dominance. We need a point guard who gets others involved in the offense. To be honest Dunn is not a bad player. Without lavine the bulls showed potential. They actually stepped back when he came back from the acl. The front office let that happen to pump up his stats then trade em. Anthony Edwards is a beast. Mike will get him at three and personally groom him if he gets to three. I like him over lavine. I think Edwards has the higher ceiling offensively and defensively. Will take two or three years to get used to the league but he is a two guard of the future. I see confidence and the ability to humiliate the opposition. He belongs on Charlotte or the bulls.

  12. If we blow it up Lauri Markkanen & Zach LaVine should still be our Corner Stones and we would build around them! Those are the only two pieces I wouldn't trade!

  13. Who come of with these trades for us? They are down playing Zach value lol he’s a star in my eyes we need alot for him alone, I’d say we just build around the core we already have

  14. We are not trading Zach Lavine!!✋ He's my favourite basketball player on this team. I'd be really pissed!! He's an absolute star🔥 trade Lauri and someone else on the team but do not trade a star like Zach thats helped this team so so much. Him and Coby are the two players that are staying strong for this team. I can see them both becoming full on champions together. They're gonna be unstoppable on the court I can just see it!!👏

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