1. RAISE THE BLOODY NETS ALREADY!  They have sooooo much HGH in their food!  They that when players were BABY BOOMER PLAYERS

  2. How Come No one could notice that the the hoop that he dunked is fxxking short dudes check between the distance of his feet n the floor… 😀

  3. Err body stfu, derrick rose is the second best player in the game.
    Hatsoff to KING JAMES!!! Yall watch he gon b bettrr than ever

  4. Fan logic: "Let me go all in on this 8ft kiddie rim!" Lol seriously? It's cool (though I know most of you are lying) that y'all can do this on a kiddie rim that's about 2 & a half feet taller than most of you

  5. im only joking, though if i wanted to be serious he was cleared to play after the first round by senior athletic advisers and doctors so he could have made a return. And the chances of reinjuring after being cleared are also very slim.

  6. Why play at the end of the season and risk getting reinjured instead of waiting till your at full health next season. The ignorance in you kids is astounding. Have you read a book? Picture books dont count

  7. Lebron is clearly the best. Not only do the stats show it all, but if you've actually WATCHED heat games day in and day out, you'd see that he is consistently great. He only had a few truly bad games all year, and even then, a "bad game" for Lebron James is usually defined as 15 points with 7 rebounds and 6 assists- or less- you know? And what other star led their team on 27 game win streak in the past ten years?

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