Chicago Bulls Draft Coby White In 2019 NBA Draft! Reaction & Analysis!

Chicago Bulls Draft Coby White In 2019 NBA Draft! Reaction & Analysis!


  1. Coby White is only a good pick because it was the 7th pick. I remover saying before during the 2017-18 season that Dunn would be a good guard off then bench eventually if he wants it. I got called an idiot from all fans, mostly Bulks ones saying that hen is the “Point guard of the future” and definitely a starter lol. I said Bobby Portis needed to be traded over paying him, got called crazy. I said trade Jimmy at the end of 2016 got caked crazy, “You don’t trade your best player who happens to be an All-Star” is what I heard a heap of. I wanted the Bulls to blow the Thibs Bulls up when Noah, Deng and Taj we’re still healthy obviously not trading DRose because he was still young, upside and had a big contract. The Bulls should have moved Deng+Taj+2 first rounders with one being protected since Harden was on the block, was showing he could ball out for OKC especially in the screen game and he played Defense back then. Deng wasn’t getting any better, Taj had good value at the time as well. The Bulls would have got the other players involved as well.

  2. I like how he pushes the pace. With Wendell grabbing the rebound and passing it to a cutting coby white or Zach Lavine, our offense instantly adds a potent offensive option. The best quality to him is that he can also play off the ball for when Dunn, Lavine, archi, etc… are bringing the ball up the floor. He is a great teammate and a charismatic personality that this fanbase and team can rally around. It’s hard to compare him to another player but I’d say Jamal Murray is about as close as it gets.

  3. The Chicago Bulls are nothing fool's gold,and they don't have a goal-to-tank ? ! or not to tank ! that is the question.William Shakespeare.

  4. Cobi, Lavine, Otto, Lauri…bring back Lopez that's a damn good starting 5. All i know is when we finally get back on top I dont wanna see any bandwagon fans who gave up on us.

  5. I said this in another video kris Dunn had one amazing come back year and one out of shape year and bulls fans give up watch him win y’all back and now what I felt cam reddish was good but we will see how it plays out

  6. I agree with you going to pretty much everything but I believe that Coby White could turn into a franchise player he has talent around him and scores around him that should bring up his assist and now he's not the main player on the team anymore so he might not get the defensive attention cuz you won't being the go-to guy right away he's more like option three Zach Laveen option one Lauri markkanen option 2 and then you will have your choice for Porter or Bryant depending on what the game calls for

  7. I think the bulls had a smokescreen about darious Garland,I think they wanted coby white
    All along,Bulls like size
    A 6’5 pt guard can play
    Shooting guard,a good
    Pick I thought coby would have been gone by the 6th
    Pick.look at his high lites
    The kid blows by people
    And can shoot the three
    I’m ok with coby!!

  8. Woulda took cam reddish and look to free agency for pg. but can’t be mad tho. Safe pick as you said. Now let’s get into free agency with the money we have.

  9. I compare coby white too Foxx , He just need too look too setup teammates more and dont play fast every play pick and chose when too turn it up

  10. I highly disagree with pick especially since we had Cam reddish we could’ve guys like Carson Edwards or Tremont waters later 🤦🏾‍♂️💯 this is the difference between da bears and da bulls the ability to evaluate talent 🤦🏾‍♂️

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