Chicago Bulls End Up With 7th Overall Pick In 2019 NBA Draft Lottery! Reaction & Analysis!

Chicago Bulls End Up With 7th Overall Pick In 2019 NBA Draft Lottery! Reaction & Analysis!


  1. The 7th pick HAD TO BE TRADED!!! The Bulls don't need ANOTHER ify rookie.. they gotta trade and get a legit PG.

  2. Bulls need to find a way to move up in the draft. NO trade for Lonzo Ball. Ball is an athletic Chris Duhon who can't shoot FTs.

  3. #7 pick and next year 1st rd unprotected draft pick and kris dunn to memphis for #2 pick to pick ja morant. They have been scouting him all season. Bleacher report stated that memphis told the bulls they drafting ja morant. Come on, why would they tell the bulls that?

  4. Gar and pax need to go unless we want to be I midcour team forever they can't even tank Right need someone that's. Got some balls that will make a big move.

  5. Coby White, Culver, Garland or Reddish….im ok with any of these. Lonzo not so much. He comes with baggage…his daddy and the bulls are already a mess as far as the garpax joke in management. We don't need the media circus of lavar ball too. Could sign goran dragic to address the point.

  6. I just need everyone to get off Zions balls especially our fans because we honestly don't even need a forward we need a PG and Coby White should fit that just fine. We have a very talented team we should be back in the playoffs in a few years if we stay healthy. Now if we trade the pick for Ball I might jump off a bridge though!

  7. I think they should take that nuber 7 and send it to the Bulls starters Bulls front office Bulls coaching staff and thank them for wedding meaningless games when you're obviously trying to take SUCKABULL

  8. that was b.s. 2 of the worst teams as far as attendance. and the 2 largest market were the top 4 picks. pick 7 in 3 straight years b.s.

  9. I have no doubt that the bulls will pick the wrong guy, it's what gar and pax have done for 15 years and counting. But hey give them both another contract extention.

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