Chicago Bulls Free Agency Day 3 Recap | Bulls Sign Adam Mokoka, Luke Kornet, & Ryan Arcidiacono

Chicago Bulls Free Agency Day 3 Recap | Bulls Sign Adam Mokoka, Luke Kornet, & Ryan Arcidiacono


  1. Welcome to Chicago! Good developmental type player! Reminds me of Jimmy
    Butler when he was just coming out of college. He build and body size!
    His complexion and fade! And he has same defensive intensity (sometimes
    too aggressive though), with much less of an offensive game (very raw
    offensively), but shows some of the same traits and potential that Jimmy
    showed! I always keep it real but positive!!!

  2. People should know that Doug Colin’s was hired after the 2016-17 season to be a senior consultant for the Bulls much like what Jerry West does now days but for I’m guessing way less money. He works directly with Pax, I think this move was made to make Gars influence more the business side also because I think he had made some bad trades they took some of his decision making away. I think what you are seeing now is Pax & Doug making most of these decisions together then getting Gars and ownership approval after. If my assumption is correct I think the Bulls will be heading in the right direction, hopefully the Bulls players keep getting better, make clear improvements individually and as a team by making the playoffs then come 2021 free agency the Bulls actually can sign a Giannis or Paul George.

  3. I’m glad that Arch is back. I’m glad he got paid, too! He reminds me of Heinrich, but also of Matthew Dellevedova. But idk how the Bulls could get rid of Felicio.

  4. That's walt lemons money. Archy d shoulda went to New York somewhere. He's solid but no potential to be better than average.

  5. I would’ve went with Frank K, myself home grown product, shooter decent size , Ryan’s O.k I would’ve went with another home grown product in Pat Bev, instead of T Young only because I see some potential in “Hutch” with those minutes, I have a feeling, Dunn, and Felicio are gone. also D Rose signed to Detroit for not much more than Ryan, D Rose may not be the hustle defender Ryan is but what a punch off the bench plus scoring was a problem from the pg slot last season, not to mention the mentoring benefits for Coby.

  6. You right bro the Bulls will usually sign one dude and we won't see anything else until pre-season followed by who got injured in practice or something! This year has got me kinda excited for the season…

  7. ryan arcidiacono deserves it went from undrafted to playing in the g league his first 2 years and grinds his way into the roster and becomes a key contributor and took a huge step offensively and ready to take another one one! #hardworkpaysoff

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