Chicago Bulls Free Agency | Kris Dunn Trade? Wendell Carter Jr Hurt? + Best Free Agents Available!

Chicago Bulls Free Agency | Kris Dunn Trade? Wendell Carter Jr Hurt? + Best Free Agents Available!


  1. I think WC Jr. is overrated. He had a decent year outside of the injury, but I don't see superstar in his future (hope I'm wrong). I think he'll be a solid 12 points, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks guy…but not much past that. I'd be cool with a Dunn/ Felicio trade if they get anything in terms of value in return…Vet leadership or high upside guy.

  2. Bulls want all the money to stay with ownership. It is a good thing that the NBA make teams spend money otherwise the Bulls would only get players they can find cheap

  3. Actually it would be a nice idea to have a player/part time coach/mentor like "Uncle Vinny"on the squad. He's still good considering he's the Julio Franco of Basketball with 3 decades and different eras of work on his resume and ready for another season. I'm 45 and he's not far behind, but I must say I'm impressed that this man still has the desire to play in the NBA

  4. What I would do trade Kris Dunn 218 that can give you at least a first-round draft pick or young prospects it doesn't have to be an American player it can be an international player wave your options the Bulls are in better team however they can be better if they get younger

  5. Bulls have a good bit of depth at point guard and I agree that it seems as if Kris is the odd man out. But, if the Bulls trade him, I just hope that they get good value back for him. But the question is at that, what kind of value can the Bulls get back for him?

  6. Looks like no Wendell for at least 2 mths most likely 3 to 4 mths. Hopefully, Gafford and Kornet can do the job at center. Theses guys are lifting too many weights. Learn how to swim or something.

  7. If we get rid of kris Dunn you actually believe satoransky archindiano if coby was to get hurt you telling me these are my backup point guards why not keep kris dunn to back up coby i see the bulls like tanking why would we get rondae Jefferson if we got Thaddeus young he the same player just more atheletic josh jackson is the better candidate Bulls not going nowhere until we fire Garpax and Boylan if fred Hoiberg was trash why would they hire Boylan who was a disappointment stupid i hope i eat my words or thoughts but so far looking like next year top 5 lottery pick if we dont lose the pick for the fourth year get the seventh pick we dont know how to scout or sign free agency was a joke Thaddeus young was the best signing everybody else has to prove theyself worthy smh Comin Bears cause my bulls going down the drain this is not what i thought i had to look for in season to come smh

  8. It may need to play for a little while and hopefully play well. That would improve his trade value. Maybe a future number one or a shooting guard right now. Maybe Nwaba.

  9. Well what do you fucking know! As expect (earlier than expected though) someone gets hurt for the bulls … but NOOO better yet TWO players are hurt! We are an injury prone team and what's worse is I feel players here get hurt more from off the court vs in game! unbelievable!

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