Chicago Bulls Free Agency Rumors! Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson Signing Soon?

Today I give my views on the rumors that Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson are open to returning to the Bulls this offseason. I think they would both be great signings!



  1. In my dreams D Rose is back to the Chicago Bulls teaching Coby White how to play that pointguard spot really well, so he could one day develop to be a super star PG😊! I think we have a really good young core that has so much potential to grow up as a team and individual players and some day in the future not so far away we can take the NBA championship back to the windy city where it belongs😎! Go Bulls and go Lauri🙂🇫🇮

  2. Nope because the "sheep" fans won't let us trade them, Taj is an ok move for not much money but Drose is a bad signing because the Bulls need to sign players that are good rile players on good deals that they can then "Trade" later down the line if a Star becomes available the will sweeten the deal.

    Drose makes this impossible, it will also be 2012-14 all over again when he sits out a game or gets Injured, he would be more of a distraction than Jimmy was.

    Drose should go get the most money from a team not called the Bulls.

  3. I would LOVE to have Taj back.
    He's a great vet and good locker room teammate plus he's tough. Wendell and Daniel will learn a lot from him.

  4. I know, I told y'all Derrick Rose is coming back for next season. But it'll go be cool, when Rose does come back.. But I didn't know about Taj Gibson returning, it'll be good to have him back to. But is it a sure thing, that Chris Paul is comin' to the team? I hope he does. But did we get him yet? I'm expecting us to do a hell of alot better than we did, last season. But man I really hope Lonzo Ball makes the Lakers regret letting him go… We're go win alot more games, than we did last season. Shit, we may even win the Championship. I hope we do. But I'm always hoping the best for us.. Cuz I'm The BULLS biggest fan in the World.

  5. I feel like kris dunn will get traded, it looks like kris dunn is not happy with how the bulls misused him last season and looks like he's not happy with the front office

  6. derrick rose deserves to go to a playoff team and compete for a championship, taj is my 3rd favorite bull besides archi and noah, so it would be awesome to bring him back

  7. Love the leadership and experience they can bring to this team.. I just hope the bulls don’t trade Zach.. not sure why they give him no love..😢

  8. And sorry. Drose aint coming off the bench to no trash young point guards. He can get more money while being a starter on a championship team like Lakers, 76ers, or Clippers with Kawhi. He is still a star pg in his prime so he is not wasting his prime years with a trash bulls team who couldnt even make the playoffs and traded the guy.

  9. The bulls suck now so drose wont most likely sign with them. He stated he wants to win a ring. His most likely destinations is either the Lakers or the Clippers if they land Kawhi

  10. I would like to see them both back, Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson, they would fit well, and help us develop the young guys. We see when healthy off the bench even D Rose had a great year and nice numbers. welcome home Derrick and Taj.

  11. Coby White "😧😬Derrick always tell me do this do that & says King of the castle, King of the castle" 😆😏

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