Chicago Bulls Guide To the 2019 NBA Draft! – Top 5 Players The Bulls Should Pick

Chicago Bulls Guide To the 2019 NBA Draft! – Top 5 Players The Bulls Should Pick


  1. Look we need a good point guard, either in FA or Draft. I see kris Dunn potential but he has been given a fair opportunity now and he hasn’t done much. Honestly I wouldn’t mind Zo I think he has the potential to be a diamond in the ruff if he works on his shot

  2. If it was me it would be Coby White all the way, Cam Reddish "is" pretty much boom or bust and I'd love to see a "GOOD" coach try to make him into a pg/sg combo because he's too finesse for the 3 in my opinion, Coby has the handles, he's not ball dominant, good catch and shoot player, no fear for a freshman among upperclassmen, even shined over the "other" freshman at UNC… and the way he pushes the ball him and Kris dunn would have the league running all game lol please fall to us. I would take the freshman from D-1 over Ja morant the sophomore from D-2

  3. Man , It's either BOOM OR BUST with Reddish. If he would have been on his game for his team Duke would be champs . Heart always wins against potential . Porter would be great at 6th man . Pardon my ignorance but I lost track of Winston {Mich ST. } What's his status . A point like him would be awesome, A smart, cool , calm, clutch floor general like him . A little slow but total team player . PS Keep an eye on Delacino next year Norm/Herd

  4. Remember last year the Bulls told Hutchinson to leave the combine real early cuz they guaranteed him they would take him with our late 1st round pick. So this Garland thing sounds familiar 🤔 Personally I think Reddish has the highest ceiling, great size, a SF who can play SG. Has a jumper that if worked on can be great. Can be a lockdown defender. Is a good passer. Not the best speed but has length. White has great size at 6'5" for his style of play which is like S.Curry/T.Young, so watch out if his step back and pull up jumper improve. He knows he has to control his speed better and not play 100 mph, which is great! At 6'5" with a killer jumper n can handle at 100 mph is the type of PG to "Dethrone" Curry! With Culver you get the safest pick of the 3 with an NBA ready jumper, a long 6'6", can pass, defend, tho then we gotta start LaVine as the PG who's capable but not ideal since neither Otto or Lauri r playmakers tho Wendell is kinda like a Draymond n can start the play from the top of the key like Noah but much better in every way. I know a lot of people would trade Otto tho remember it was adding Iggy, that tough vet, that really molded GS. One or 2 more guys like Beverly would make the young guys play so much tougher.

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