Chicago Bulls HUGE Trade Rumors + Trade Packages!! Making Trades With Atlanta, Dallas, Or LA?

Chicago Bulls HUGE Trade Rumors + Trade Packages!! Making Trades With Atlanta, Dallas, Or LA?


  1. Jesus Christ! you got into the frst trade package 6 mins in! Gotta make these clearer and more concise, and you talk so fast at some points it didn't sound like you were even saying words lol

  2. I absolutely pass on all 3 of those deals if I am being offered them. He is better than 2 2nds unless its 31 and 32 maybe yes but still prolly no. Justin Jackson is the wrong JJ, we need Josh Jackson lol. Kris Dunn is already better than Justin as is so we lose that trade big time. And Clippers one isn’t attractive at all. Mo usually gets paid too much and I don’t want to go into the luxury tax as a GM. If these are the only trades being offered, I just hold onto Kris Dunn and start him and raise his value even more.

    P.S: Dear Aaron Peterson, This was disappointing, I was hoping for a deal with an exciting piece.

  3. The deal with Atlanta sounds reasonable Kris Dunn really don't have any value right now we really don't need him and I don't like the other teams trades simply because we will be adding junk from other teams on our roster.

  4. Jerome would be a nice piece for us! young and can shoot! don't know if he plays defense but solid! and dunn would be a compliment to lou Williams and lou wouldn't have all the load of handling the basketball they could take turns.

  5. Honestly, i'd take the 1st one…just give us as many draft picks as you can…I think the Hawks got it the best during the draft this yr…The Bulls might wanna start taking notes…The 3rd one is cool, but Moe H & Jerome R are decent players, but not good enough…I'd take the first one then let us get the players we need in free agency 2021………………Oh and PS: The Bulls need to stop with these rumors lmao

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