1. PIPPEN is a top 30 player cuz he dominated games while scoring single digits. They're is SOOO much more to basketball then statistics

  2. This was great series… The Pacers really pushed my Bulls. I watched every game. MJ just refused to lose.

  3. 9:40. something you just don't see in the league anymore, even in Kobe's day as well. The ability to dominate off the ball. Anyhow, Kobe's Lakers never did run the triangle well. So much for their basketball IQ.

  4. @yella31525 I don't know. I think the Lakers 2000 or the 2001 team could've beaten the 97 or 98 bulls teams or some of the early 90's bulls teams. Don't forget that the 2001 Lakers went 15-1 in the playoffs.

  5. Rik Smits played well in that entire 98 playoffs except for the conference finals. They could have used his production. Antonio Davis did all he could to make up for it.

  6. damn look at how jordan moved with out the ball people! truly a master of the game. players today are so locked in to having the basketball. thats why i say these players today dont know the game of basketball. you cant compare lebron and kobe to jordan. they are not on the level because they dont know the game of basketball the way jordan did. period!

  7. In the 90's basketball at its prime skill of gameplay there was more Centers that can match up with each other then and more team skills and fundmentals then.

  8. The guy that says steve smith sprewell n robinson wuld have been as good as pippen is fucking crazy!! Wat r u 15yrs old? Pippen shut down any of those guys plus a point guard or a forward jordan was lucky to have scottie n he knows it!! Im the biggest fan of jordan n the world but scottie got mike alot of easy dunks cus of his D

  9. WHom ever says Scottie was overrated was either born in 1998 or is just plain didn't watch basketball in the 90's. IMO Pippen would SHUT DOWN LeBron or Kobe in his prime. He was amazing on defense. Of of the all time great defensive players in NBA history.

  10. @esTebanLRD Point blank man…you're an idiot. If you think the players you mentioned could have the same impact of Scottie Pippen you're just flat out stupid. Not one of those players you mentioned is in the same stratosphere as Scottie Pippen defensively and that's mainly where the Bulls won their titles…by having the best defense on the floor. You think Glen Robinson is going to handle the point guard duties and set up teammates, run the break, play great defense? Fuck no lol.

  11. @tiburcio9999 If by Jordan era, you mean the "Jordan Title Era" (1991-1998), then, no. The Bulls were also taken to seven games in the 1992 Eastern Conference Semifinal series against the New York Knicks. So, it happened twice in the Jordan Title Era.

  12. Bulls had to get some really brusing teams o win their titles. Detroit , New York, Miami , Indiana. Tough tough physical teams. Indiana didn't really hurt them like Detroit, NY, or Miami, but that Pacers team never backed down and always kept on coming.

  13. its crazy that even though he was a great player, absolutely no one likes or even respects Isaiah Thomas.

  14. Jordan was obviously the best ball handler, the best slasher and one of the best shooters on the floor. With awesome team defense, this team was unstoppable.

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