1. 5,000 years after the end of civilization, aliens will visit the Earth, watch a tape of this, and get hyped!!! The greatest introduction of all time for the greatest baller of all time.

  2. Damn!!….That theme song of the Bulls with all of their past championships. And their 72 win regular season was easily one the most electric introductions ever!! That Chicago Bulls crowd was way beyond excited!! As a Knicks fan, I loved the NY Knicks introduction. But I must give the nod, the Bulls introduction in my opinion was the  best ever!! No doubt about it!! Some other great intros were from the Philadelphia 76ers when Dr. J was playing. The fans would go into absolute paranoia!! I'm certain the Lakers and the Celtics had epic introductions as well when they were great!! But again, I give the nod to the Bulls intro as the absolute best!! I don't think any franchise could touch the Bulls intro. Opposing teams were practically already defeated on the spot as soon as the Bulls were introduced with that insane introduction. That intro immediately put instant doubt on my beloved team as soon as that music was played. But I will never get bored listening to that intro over and over!!

  3. This was the everyday starting lineup for this legendary team as I remember it. Even now, other teams can try to copy the intros but none can top the energy surrounding that team. You can still feel it 20 years later, truly a special time.

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